Joomag for Internal Communication

Transform your ordinary internal documents into immersive content experiences with Joomag. Ensure secure sharing across your workforce, and use powerful analytics to measure content performance. Connect and inform your team like never before.
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Elevate Your Internal Communications with Interactive Content

Easily and cost-effectively create interactive magazines, newsletters, and employee guidebooks designed to capture and retain the attention of your team.

Step up from outdated long emails and regular newsletters, benefiting from the rich analytics that interactive content delivers

Create Engaging Internal Content with Easy-to-Use Editor

Utilize Joomag's intuitive editor to transform internal documents into immersive reading experiences.

Add videos, surveys, and dynamic charts with a simple drag-and-drop, transforming static PDFs into dynamic content that holds your employees' attention.

Take a step towards enriched communication, making each document not just informative but truly engaging.

Better Bridges with Email Builder & Targeted Lists

  • Drag-and-Drop Email Editor: With Joomag's intuitive email builder, effortlessly craft beautiful, brand-aligned emails. Ensure consistent displays across all devices, boosting engagement within your workforce.
  • Targeted Distribution Lists: Create targeted distribution lists, based on employee attributes such as department, location, and tenure. Ensure every team member receives only the information most pertinent to them, fostering a more engaged and informed workforce.

Secure Access for Your Internal Documents

Protect your internal documents — from staff magazines and newsletters to onboarding materials — and ensure exclusive access to the intended audience.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Seamlessly integrate your existing SSO system for easy and secure access.
  • Location-Based Privacy: Set location restrictions to control who can access your content.
  • Role-Based Privacy: Define access based on roles within your organization, ensuring information is shared with pertinent individuals.
Create, Distribute, and Analyze Internal Documents that Captivate Your Employees

Analyze and Measure Your IC Impact

Gain insights ranging from email statistics to in-content behavior analytics. Measure content performance and make informed decisions to enhance your internal communications.
  • Feedback & Sentiment Insights: Understand your team's reactions and feelings towards the content shared, helping shape future communications.
  • Topic Engagement Metrics: Discover content that resonates, and refine your messaging based on who engages and how.
  • Message Impact Tracking: Ensure key messages are received and understood, promoting an informed team environment.
  • Email Engagement: Refine your approach with insights on email open and click rates, optimizing your reach.

Professional Services Tailored For IC Teams

Newsletter Design
Let our experts craft engaging newsletters that embody your brand essence and message.
Employee Magazine Design
Collaborate with us to develop impactful interactive staff magazines that highlight your team's stories and successes.
Email Template Design
Rely on our design team to build responsive email templates, ensuring clear and effective messaging every time.
Engage Your Employees with Interactive Content