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Versatile Solutions for Paid, Private, and Gated Access, Shaped to Perfectly Complement Your Business Model
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Publication Access that Fits Your Business Model

Paid & Private
Joomag's sophisticated Access Controls, guarantee that your publications are viewed only by the people you select. Whether you sell publications on your website or offer them as membership benefits, we have you covered.
Capture valuable reader information prior to content access or get even more creative by teasing them with a preview before revealing the full content. Customize the data collection process and seamlessly sync it with your CRM. Returning readers will not be prompted for information again.
Distribute your publications across all channels without putting any obstacles for readers. Capture valuable data through interactive elements and feedback tools within your publications, leaving no valuable insights behind.

Reader Authentication

Select various ways of reader authentication to provide the smoothest experience for your readers:
  • Email Authentication - Let your readers easily access your publications using their email addresses. Enhance the security further, by asking them to verify codes sent by email.
  • Link Authentication - Send your readers secure, personalized links for quick access to your
  • Website Login - Just place your publication in the internal area of your website and let your readers easily access it without additional verifications.

Access Granting

Handle complex scenarios when granting or revoking reader access with our advanced access granting tools.
  • Back Issues - Decide who can access back issues and who cannot.
  • Multiple Titles - With multiple magazine titles, our access granting feature allows you to choose which titles specific reader segments should receive.
  • Expirations and Renewals - Easily handle expirations and renewals for your subscribers.

Gating Publication Access

Joomag's fully customizable reader capture forms allow you to gate access to your publication in a variety of ways. From mandatory to metered and optional gating, our platform offers flexibility to align with your strategic needs. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop editor for effortless form creation.
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Automatic Email Notifications

Say goodbye to manual notifications. Each time you grant or revoke access to your publications, our system automatically sends customized emails to your readers. Crafted through our Email Marketing suite, these notifications keep your readers updated and engaged, allowing them to access your content with a single click, and ensuring a seamless user experience.
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