Gather Direct Reader Feedback & Accumulate Sentiment Data

Learn a lot about your readers by simply asking them. Capture not just the 'WHAT', but also the 'WHY' - the sentiments that drive your readers' responses.
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Data Drives Decisions

Joomag's Feedback Tool allows you to delve into your audience's data layers, accessing valuable information that was previously hard to reach.

This tool captures not just the 'WHAT', but the 'WHY' - the underlying sentiments that drive responses.

Whether you are a publisher seeking insight into reader preferences, an employer eager to gauge employee sentiment, or a business interested in customer or prospect feedback, our Feedback Tool gives you a unique, detailed view of your audience's perspectives.

Direct Reader Feedback

Ask your readers questions and receive direct feedback to dive deeper into your audience's perspective.

The Feedback Tool is an easy, intuitive, and timely way to capture reactive opinions.

Feedback tool is integrated within your publications, making it effortless for readers to share their thoughts and feelings in real-time, at the right place and the right time.

This is a distinct edge over traditional forms or 'Contact Us' options, offering a more natural, immediate feedback collection.

Uncover Sentiments and Emotions

The Feedback Tool allows you to gather more than just quantitative data.

It opens up a new layer of insight by enabling you to capture the sentiments and emotions of your readers.

By asking about their needs, interests, challenges, and ideas, you are not only engaging them but also collecting valuable qualitative data that helps you to understand your audience's feelings, attitudes, and motivations better.

Experience a new level of data depth with Joomag's Feedback Tool.
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Activate Customizable Toolbar

Start by activating the Feedback Tool toolbar within your publication. Unlike traditional forms hidden away on separate pages, this toolbar is accessible on any page of your publication, encouraging your readers to share their emotions, thoughts, and opinions as they occur. Experience feedback collection that's always just one step away.

Capture Reactions and Feedback

Feedback Tool goes beyond simple data collection. It captures readers' sentiments and comments right within your publication. Whether it's a thumbs-up, an in-depth comment, or a response to a targeted question, every interaction enriches the sentiment data you accumulate.

For Teams

Gain Insights and Analyze

Harness the power of these insights to understand your audience like never before. The direct, personalized feedback you gain can inform ad targeting, audience segmentation, and campaign development, providing you with invaluable ammunition to drive strategies across sales, marketing, and internal communications teams.