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Craft compelling emails, launch impactful campaigns, unify email and publication data to foster deeper connections with your readers and subscribers
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Automate, Integrate, and Elevate Your Publishing Email Marketing

Designed specifically for publishers, Joomag automates your publishing email marketing workflow. Easily create stunning emails with your publication's content as the central CTA, reducing manual effort.

Thanks to integrated email and in-publication analytics, gain a unified view of reader interactions and campaign performance. Save time and craft highly targeted and personalized campaigns, eliminate the need of juggling between multiple marketing platforms.

Simplify Your Publishing Workflow with Automated Email Notifications

New Subscriptions
Automatically send welcome and onboarding emails to readers as soon as they fill out subscription forms.
Newly Published Issues
Instantly alert your audience about newly published issues with zero manual effort.
Access Granting
Auto-notify readers when you change their access permissions to your content.
Easily send emails to inactive subscribers and readers to reignite their interest.

Make Your Publication the Star CTA With Email Editor

Integrate your publication’s cover, articles, and links into your email campaigns, making your publication into a compelling call to action (CTA), all while slashing time-consuming manual work. Additionally, leverage the power of our AI assistant to optimize your text, subject lines, and visuals, ensuring your emails not only look great but also perform well.
Boost Revenue, Increase Retention and Lower Cost with Joomag's Digital Publishing and Content Experience Platform

Tailor Personalized Campaigns with Smart Segmentation

Segment your readers based on their in-publication analytics and email engagement stats. Craft messages that resonate, aligning perfectly with the distinct preferences and behaviors of your subscribers and readers.

Save time and enhance workflow efficiency by eliminating manual data transfers between your various marketing platforms.

Integrated Analytics: Email and Publication Insights United

Track and measure your campaigns effectively, tracing the path your audience takes from their inbox to your publication.

In-Depth Performance Metrics: Understand the impact of every campaign with metrics like open rates, click rates, delivery rates, link performance, and bounce rates and their detailed explanations.

Holistic Data View: Combine email campaign data with in-publication behavioral data to get a complete picture of your reader's journey.

Publisher-Centric Templates for Standout Emails

Designed with publishers in mind, our templates let you quickly create emails that carry the distinct flair of your publication, promoting a consistent and engaging reader experience.

Enjoy the ease of ready-to-use designs that ensure optimal responsiveness on all devices. Plus, if you're looking to tailor your campaigns further, our HTML support enables you to craft unique templates from scratch.

Joomag isn't just a platform, it's a partnership

Strategy Consulting
Let us take a close look at your current email marketing strategy. We'll provide actionable steps to optimize and improve your campaigns.
Email Reputation and Deliverability
We'll ensure your emails reach their intended inboxes, not the spam folder, thanks to our focus on maintaining a strong IP reputation.
Performance Reports & Monitoring
Receive comprehensive reports and continuous monitoring to assess your campaign's health, ensuring you stay on top of your performance metrics.
Boost Revenue, Increase Retention and Lower Cost with Joomag's Digital Publishing and Content Experience Platform