The All-in-One Digital Publishing Platform

A complete solution to create, distribute, track and sell interactive digital content.

Free or Paid Publishing? Get the Best of Both Worlds on One Platform


Cast your net as wide as possible and optimize your content for all devices and platforms including web, mobile browsers, Facebook, custom iOS and Android apps, and more.

The All-in-One Solution

Create, distribute, track, and monetize your digital publications from a central online hub.

Reader Retention

Drive engagement and retain what's most important - your readers! Convert ordinary readers into full-fledged subscribers with accessible and potent online tools.

Digital Selling

Cover all your bases and start selling publications in digital format with Joomag.

Print to Digital

We help publishers transition from print to digital by providing every tool and resource they need to do so.

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Start Creating Your Masterpiece

You're in control, so start your publication by choosing from over 300 beautifully designed templates, uploading an enrichable PDF file, or from scratch.

Reel in Readers with Unprecedented Interactivity

Grab your audience's attention, get it begging to turn every page, and imbue your publication with interactive elements such as photo galleries, videos, and feedback forms.

Sell & Prosper

Joomag's platform lets publishers sell their individual publications and subscriptions in multiple ways.

Enable multiple subscription packages and sell your publications within a custom subscription cycle.

Set the price and instantly start selling individual issues.

Complimentary Subscriptions & Issues

Sell a print copy and give thanks to your customer by providing a free digital subscription or issue.

Subscription Management Simplified

Import and manage all of your subscribers with Joomag's sophisticated CRM and API.

Get Your Content Its Largest Audience

It's as easy as sharing a simple link, reaching out to readers on mobile devices, and emailing your contacts with a simple button click.

Learn, Adapt, and Improve with Analytics

See how many of your emails were opened, how recipients are engaging with them, and where in the world your audience is.

Measure the success of your email campaigns

Get analytics about
views, session duration and bounce rate

See how many times your publication was downloaded

Branded Apps

It's easy - just order your custom iOS and Android apps and enjoy. We'll maintain them and update their content automatically.

We Provide Both Free and Paid Publishers With Insights Into How to Drive Improvements


0% Increase in average session durations
0x Increase in pageviews
0% Decrease in bounce rates

Reader Retention

0% Increase in reader retention

Revenue increase

0% Increase in overall sales
0% Increase in ads monetization

The Marketing Essentials, All at Your Fingertips

Periodical Management System

Joomag's control panel is specifically tailored for hosting online periodicals, creating publications, adding and managing issues, and setting up subscriptions

Subscription Management System

Use it to easily setup free or paid subscriptions, see how many new subscribers you gained, and more.

Branded Apps

We'll build your custom Android and iOS apps and distribute them on the App Store and Google Play.


Reach your target audiences on mobile, desktop, mobile standalone apps, personal websites, and social media.

Crater Editor

You don't need any experience to embellish your publications with unparalleled interactivity. Do so easily with Joomag's online editor.

Real-Time Analytics

Learn key information like which parts of your content are read most, how viewers are interacting with a page, and which links receive the most clicks.

Full Branding

Cultivate your brand by incorporating your logo, custom colors, and design into your publications.


Integrate your software with Joomag's platform and expedite the publishing process.

Custom Domain

Link your website or blog to our platform and deliver a unique viewing experience.

Email Marketing

Keep your audience informed of any new content by creating and launching custom mass mailing campaigns.


Manage your subscribers, segment them, and orchestrate your own email campaigns all from Joomag's CRM.

Link Sharing

Use a shortened URL to manage your publication easily and share it hassle-free.


Work with like-minded people with like-minded goals and add multiple users under your account.


Let your hard work pay off. Sell both individual issues and subscriptions of your publicatoin in multiple ways.

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Over 5,000 businesses can't be wrong. Join Joomag today!