Elevate Data Capture: Innovative Form Solutions for Digital Magazines

Leverage fully customizable data capture forms for audience growth, lead generation, and targeted advertising
  • Data Capture Forms
  • Hard Gating
  • Soft Gating
  • Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
  • Feedback forms for enhanced insights
  • Lead gen forms
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Transform Your Digital Magazine into a Data Powerhouse

Transform your magazine into a powerful data generator with Joomag's custom forms. Use fully customizable forms to collect more granular information about your readers, and enrich existing data by strategically gating your content.

This approach not only enhances your audience's understanding but also provides value-rich data for targeted campaigns and advertising opportunities.

Integration with Your Tech Stack

Capture valuable reader data using Joomag's customizable forms and seamlessly integrate it with your tech stack, including CRM and Subscription Management Systems.
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Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Utilize Joomag's drag-and-drop form builder for creating fully customizable data capture forms. This intuitive feature caters to your specific data needs, offering simplicity and versatility. For advanced customization, it supports CSS, ensuring your forms align with your branding aesthetics.

I was amazed at the quality of Joomag

We get value from using Joomag to publish our digital magazines. It's easy to upload and manage our PDFs. We're leveraging Joomag's email marketing to drive distribution and its analytics to determine how our content is performing. Joomag is intuitive and easy to use.
Bianca Tamura
Content Production Manager at HP
Data Walls and Forms: Pick What Suits Your Business Best

Hard Gating

Hard Gating: Require readers to submit their data before they can access your content, ensuring a rich pool of valuable information

Soft Gating

Create a soft gate using optional forms to engage your readers, providing them with a sneak peek of your content. This will balance between accessing content and data capture, allowing your readers to experience your work while still giving you valuable insights

Metered Gating

Position data capture forms in key locations throughout your magazine, giving invested readers the opportunity to share their information voluntarily.

Embedded Forms For Advertisers

Directly incorporate data capture forms inside your publication pages where the advertisement is located or create clickable pop-up forms to capture data from readers, and add even more value to your advertisers

Feedback Forms for Enhanced Insights

Enhance data with reader sentiment by using feedback forms in your publications. This adds valuable insight into audience sentiment and opinions, complementing traditional data. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience, enabling media and publishing businesses to create personalized content, target ads, and improve audience segmentation for better ROI.

With Data Boost Revenue, Increase Retention, and make Actionable Decisions

More Data Acquired
Increase in Engagement
Increase in Ads Monetization
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