Unify Your Tech Stack with Joomag

Bring together the tools and workflows you need to succeed. Synchronize your reader data, manage subscriptions, gather analytics in one place, and generate leads - all streamlined for your convenience.

Automation Made Simple

Joomag's comprehensive integrations with various systems elevate your workflow by assisting in content creation, managing reader data and subscriptions, visualizing behavioral analytics, and automating marketing processes. Leverage our dynamic platform to streamline operations and maximize your potential.

Harnessing the Power of Integration at Every Stage

Content Creation
Streamline creation process by automatically transforming PDFs hosted in your Digital Asset Management systems into ready-to-publish editions with Joomag.
Subscription Management & Reader Data
Effortlessly sync captured data to your chosen CRM and manage subscriptions while we handle publication delivery, privacy, and access control.
Reader Activity and Behavioral Analytics
Utilize your preferred business intelligence tools to effortlessly visualize analytical data, and tap into behavioral insights to enhance your marketing automation strategies.


Discover the efficiency of Joomag's live, two-way data synchronization, which ensures consistent accuracy between Your CRM and Joomag.
Experience seamless integration between Joomag and Salesforce, where you can synchronize a wide array of Salesforce objects, including contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities.
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Embrace the flawless integration between Joomag and HubSpot, offering you the opportunity to synchronize key HubSpot entities like contacts, activities and deals.
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Adobe Experience Cloud
Easily bring all data collected through Joomag into Adobe Marketing Cloud, and selectively send crucial information back to Joomag via this native integration.

Marketing Automation

Automate and measure your marketing campaigns, seamlessly organize your tasks and workflows. Increase operational efficiency and grow revenue.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Measure your marketing campaigns from A to Z and execute impactful strategies by channeling Joomag data directly into Salesforce Marketing Cloud for targeted outreach.
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Adobe Marketo Engage
Measure the full scope of your marketing campaigns with precision. By integrating Joomag with Adobe Marketo Engage, leverage real-time data for impactful strategies and targeted outreach within the Marketo environment.
Oracle Eloqua
Capture and utilize every reader activity. With Joomag's integration with Oracle Eloqua, every interaction becomes a data point. Harness this information to drive compelling strategies and enhance your marketing outreach.

Content Creation

Connect Joomag with document management tools and set up a process of automatically uploading your files directly to Joomag platform.
Converting PDF files into digital publications is as simple as adding them to your Dropbox.
Each time a new PDF file is uploaded to your Box account it will be automatically uploaded and converted into digital publication in your Joomag account.
Google Drive
Automatically convert any newly placed PDF files in your Google Drive into enrichable online publications.

Subscription Management

Handle your subscriptions with your preferred providers, and rely on Joomag for the efficient fulfillment and delivery of your publications.
Streamline digital publishing and subscription management, enhancing efficiency and user experience for your and your audience.
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Native Simplecirc integration simplifies the fusion of digital publishing with subscription oversight, offering you unified solution for content delivery and subscriber management.
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Subscription Flow
Manage both your print and digital subscriptions in Subscription Flow and grant access to selected groups with ease, thanks to the smooth integration with Joomag.
Boost Revenue, Increase Retention and Lower Cost with Joomag's Digital Publishing and Content Experience Platform