For businesses looking to elevate their content strategy with bespoke visuals, sophisticated publishing tools, and a complete email marketing suite
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Studio editor with complete design freedom
Extensive interactive elements, including dynamic charts, data tables, forms, surveys, chatbots, 3D tours and more
Digital media asset library
300+ Pre-Designed Professional Templates
Multi-viewer reader experience across devices
Fully branded experience - custom URLs, fonts, colors, logos and viewer
SEO tools for better publication discoverability and visibility
AI-powered Email Editor Tailored For Publishers
Email campaign management
CRM for Publishers
Hard-gating, soft-gating and metered-gating for publications
Lead generation forms
Basic protection with single password
Integration with Google analytics
High-level overview of audience and content performance
Live Chat Support
For businesses with an established content strategy, focusing on security, data-driven decision-making and seamless integrations for optimized performance
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AI-Driven SEO tool for smarter, wider reach
Notetaking for Readers
CRM Integration (Salesforce, HubSpot)
Email Marketing Automation for Content Engagement, Subscription Management and Fulfillment
Dedicated IP Address
Content Hub and Sales Room
Advanced Reader Authentication, including Email Verification, Link Protection, and Website Login
Automated Access Granting
Detailed Reports Covering Audience, Content, Behavior, and Acquisition Insights
In-Depth Analysis of Reader Interactions for Targeted Improvements
Individual Reading Journey Tracking for Personalized Engagement Strategies
Gather Direct Feedback and Sentiment from your Readers
Audience Filtration and Segmentation for Precise Analysis
Live Chat Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
For Enterprises with a heavy emphasis on granular content performance insights, workflow optimization, automated content creation, offline reading, and other customizations for an enhanced, tailored experience
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Custom-designed Branded Template
Smart Content Automation: Bring dynamic data into your publications
Click-Based Personalized Content Creation from Approved Publications
Customized Apps for iOS and Android
Design and Layout Services
Multiple Content Hubs and Digital Sales Rooms
Multiple Sender Domains: Manage and send from various domains to tailor your outreach
Mass Email Campaigns Execution: hassle-free, with top-tier deliverability and reputation management
Single Sign-On (SSO) Reader Authentication
IP and Location-Based Publication Access
List-Based Permissions and Access Controls
API Integration
Advertiser Analytics
Customized Reports
Integration with Data Visualization Platforms
Integration with Reader Activity and Behavioral Analytics Platforms
Priority Support
Customized Training Sessions
Reader Live Chat Support
Technical Consultation Service
Business Strategy Consultation
Workflow Optimization Services
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