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Mobile Reading: The New Norm and Its Challenges

With the surge in mobile usage, readers seek more than convenience; they want an immersive, high-quality experience similar to print or desktop. However, providing such an experience on mobile presents considerable challenges:
  • Readability issues: Hard readability on smaller screens often leads to frustrating user experiences, forcing readers to squint or constantly pinch-to-zoom.
  • Design limitations: The aesthetic appeal of the mobile version often falls short of the print or desktop versions. Publishers struggle to implement the vision of their Art Directors and exercise complete design freedom.
  • Engagement decline: As a result of these issues, engagement drops, bounce rates increase, and reader retention suffers.
  • Revenue loss: Lower engagement leads to high subscriber churn, lesser ad impressions, and CTRs, resulting in a hit to ad revenue.

Better Reading Experience, Improved Readability

With our seamless mobile adaptation, you can enjoy your favorite publications with maximum comfort, wherever you are. No need for pinching and zooming.

Aesthetics and Editorial Look Unchanged

Aesthetics look is crucial for your magazines. Implement the ideas of your Art Directors, Design team, and Editors, exercise complete design freedom, and create beautiful, mobile-optimized versions of your publications.

Boost Engagement and Retention with Mobile-Adapted Publications

Increase in CTRs
Increase in Content Engagement
Increase in Ads Monetization
How It Works

Mobile Version Editor

Flexible Creation: You have two paths to mobile optimization. Either upload your existing PDF file and use the mobile editor to create the mobile-optimized version, or create the publication from scratch directly within the editor.

Selective Adaption

Select only the pages you want to adapt: There's no need to overhaul your entire publication. The choice is yours. You can adapt the entire publication for mobile, or if you prefer, you can selectively choose only the most crucial pages or articles to optimize.

Interactivity Boost

Don't just adapt—elevate. Our editor allows you to enrich your publications with interactive elements. Transform static PDFs into dynamic experiences by embedding videos, audio, charts, quizzes, animations, and more.

I was amazed at the quality of Joomag

We get value from using Joomag to publish our digital magazines. It's easy to upload and manage our PDFs. We're leveraging Joomag's email marketing to drive distribution and its analytics to determine how our content is performing. Joomag is intuitive and easy to use.
Bianca Tamura
Content Production Manager at HP

Uncover insights and increase advertiser value with Joomag's advanced analytics

Advert Analytics
Joomag's advanced analytics feature provides a data-driven understanding of audience engagement and ad performance.
Granular Insights
Delve deeper than traditional metrics, understanding not just 'how many', but 'who' engaged with your advertisers' content.
Tailored Reporting
Export data from Joomag and deliver comprehensive reports to your advertisers. Equip them with detailed data to understand campaign performance and audience engagement.
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