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Design With Complete Freedom

With Crater Editor you have complete design freedom and control over the look and feel of your content. ring the ideas of your art directors, design team, and editors to life, and create truly compelling content. The best part? All the intricate code is generated automatically in the background, so you can focus on designing.

Choose Your Ideal Publication Format with Joomag

Single Spread: Direct and Clear
Set up publications with a single spread view. Adjust the width and height to customize the page size. Ideal for presentations, sales materials and newsletters.
Double Spread: Consistent Aesthetics
Use the double-spread format for magazines, brochures, and catalogs. This format ensures the visual design and aesthetics of your content remains consistent across spreads.
Long Read: Tailored for Scrolling and Mobile
Create scrollable content suitable for longer articles, newspapers or website-like experiences. This format is optimized for mobile, ensuring your content looks stunning and remains user-friendly on all devices.

Create Immersive, Interactive Content

Content is king, but interactive content reigns supreme. Upload your PDFs to Joomag and supercharge them with a variety of interactive media elements. From videos, audios, slideshows, and maps, to charts, tables, and surveys, our online editor has it all. Engage your audience with a dynamic and interactive experience, even if you don't have a background in design.
Boost Revenue, Increase Retention and Lower Cost with Joomag's Digital Publishing and Content Experience Platform

Elevate Your Content: Beyond the Static

Links and CTAs
Add hotspots and CTAs to your content, link them to any external websites, or direct readers to different pages within the publication.
Embed videos from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, or upload your own native MP4 videos directly. Seamlessly integrate motion and narrative into your publications to captivate your audience further.
Dynamic Charts, Graphs and Tables
Incorporate interactive charts, graphs, maps, and tables directly into your publications, making complex data easily understandable and visually appealing.
Feedback Tool
Connect and interact with your readers on a deeper level. Gather firsthand comments, reactions, and feedback to understand their sentiment. Analyze the sentiment data to refine your content and advertising strategies later.
Customized Pop-Ups
Integrate fully customizable pop-ups within your content to spotlight promotions, deliver important messages, or simply captivate your readers with bonus content.
Web widgets
Embed any dynamic web content directly into your publications. From quizzes and surveys to social media posts and even entire websites, ensure a diverse and interactive reading experience for your audience.

Optimize For Mobile Screens

Your content needs to shine on every platform. With our editor, you're not just designing for desktop. Create mobile-optimized versions of your publications using our intuitive design interface, managing two versions simultaneously. Ensure your content retains its aesthetic appeal and immersive nature, no matter where your audience views it.

Easily Manage Your Pages

With Joomag, you have the flexibility to add or delete pages, and even upload specific pages directly from PDF files. Customize your mobile experience by choosing specific pages to optimize, without the need to revamp your entire publication.

Explore 300+ Professional Templates

If you're ever unsure where to start or need inspiration for your magazine, newsletter, brochure, or catalog lean on our library of professionally designed templates. Simply choose a design that resonates with your vision, replace placeholder content with your own, and amplify with rich media, forms, and interactive plugins.
Boost Revenue, Increase Retention and Lower Cost with Joomag's Digital Publishing and Content Experience Platform