Elevate Your Digital Publications with Joomag's Interactive Features

Unlock the power of interactivity to drive higher engagement, increased ad-view rates and ad revenue for your digital magazines
  • Video
  • Slideshows and Gifs
  • Links and CTAs
  • Customized Pop-ups
  • Charts and Maps
  • Web Widgets
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Transform Your Publications Into Interactive Experiences

With Joomag, turn your digital magazines and PDFs into exciting, interactive experiences.

Boost reader engagement, create new revenue opportunities, and gain valuable insights from comprehensive analytics. Experience the strength and advantages of interactive content with Joomag.
  • Higher Engagement Rates
  • Improved Ad-Viewing Rates
  • Higher Retention Rates
  • Data-driven Decisions
Leverage Interactive Features for Maximum Engagement

Video Ads

Integrate captivating video advertisements into your magazine, replacing static ones. Embed native mp4 videos or assets from YouTube or Vimeo to enhance interactivity. Multimedia content enriches your stories and captivates readers while providing an immersive user experience.

Maximize the visibility and impact of your advertisements.

Links and CTAs

Incorporate internal, and external links and even CTA Buttons directly into your magazines, to drive engagement and steer your audience to your advertisers' website. This will enhance user interaction but also significantly increases your advert CTR (click-through rates).

By using the advert page effectively, you can transform it into a powerful tool that drives traffic and generates valuable leads

Slideshows and GIFs

Infuse motion and energy into your content and advertisement pages with interactive features like slideshows and GIFs. Use a series of images in a slideshow or embed GIFs to better showcase the products and services. Both are effective strategies to increase engagement and create a lasting impression.

Custom Popups

Popups can significantly enhance the user experience of your content and advert. Notify readers about new events, product lines, or special offers. Whether it's a complex text message, a button, a countdown timer, or a video, you can design pop-ups that fit your brand and engage your audience.

With Data Boost Revenue, Increase Retention, and make Actionable Decisions

More Data Acquired
Increase in Engagement
Increase in Ads Monetization

Interactive Charts and Maps

Upgrade your data display by integrating interactive charts, infographics, and maps into your magazine. These will turn complicated information into an easy-to-understand format for your readers. Unlike static content, these interactive elements can be easily shared, and any updates to the data will be reflected automatically in your magazine, keeping your content current and relevant.

Web Widgets

Embed your website or any web widgets directly into your advert to get maximum exposure. Ensure your audience has instant access to all your content, driving increased engagement and potential conversions.

Surveys and Feedback

Interactive publications aren’t just about informing – they’re about learning from your audience too. Include surveys, polls, and quizzes in your digital content to gather valuable feedback and insights for you and for your advertisers. Increase engagement, and make your audience feel heard and valued.
Uncover insights and increase advertiser value with Joomag's Advanced Analytics
Advert Analytics
Joomag's advanced analytics feature provides a data-driven understanding of audience engagement and ad performance.
Granular Insights
Delve deeper than traditional metrics, understanding not just 'how many', but 'who' engaged with your advertisers' content.
Tailored Reporting
Export data from Joomag and deliver comprehensive reports to your advertisers. Equip them with detailed data to understand campaign performance and audience engagement.

Discover the Complete Digital Publishing Platform

Discover how Joomag helps in creating and managing digital magazines, engaging newsletters, online brochures, and e-catalogs. Deliver these to your audience, team members, and potential clients. Further, utilize our robust analytics to enhance your content and boost your ROI.
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