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What is Joomag?

Joomag is a digital publishing and content experience platform that helps companies easily create and deliver interactive publications from PDFs or templates.

We provide in-depth analytics and behavioral insights to optimize your content strategy, drive reader engagement, and accelerate revenue growth.

Boost Engagement and Retention

Increase in Reader Engagement
Increase in Reader Return Rate
Faster Creation and Distribution

Digital Publishing

Discover the future of digital publishing with Joomag's all-in-one publishing platform. Seamlessly transform print publications and static PDFs into dynamic, mobile-optimized digital interactive content.

Overcome distribution hurdles and enhance reading experiences. Publications are delivered swiftly, engaging readers on all devices. Harness tools that delve into reader behaviors, refine content strategies, and boost revenue opportunities.
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Account-Based Marketing

Joomag streamlines account-based marketing with tools to craft and manage tailored content. Deliver unique buyer experiences and strengthen relationships with high-value accounts.

Empower your sales and marketing teams with tools to create personalized, on-brand content for each target account, without the need for design expertise.

Predict audience behaviors, segment audiences, refine with A/B testing, and leverage feedback to create content that enhances engagement and accelerates sales cycles.
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Demand Generation

Transform content into immersive experiences, optimizing distribution to reach the right audience at the perfect moment. Create interactive content that not only attracts high-intent buyers but also educates potential customers, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind.

With Joomag, craft segmented content for each buyer persona. Analyze interaction data to grasp buyer intent and strategically capture demand. Use analytics to fine-tune strategies, converting potential leads into active buyers and fueling growth.
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Sales Enablement

Equip your sales team to craft personalized sales rooms filled with curated, interactive content tailored for each buyer. With seamless distribution and real-time insights, they can intuitively grasp buyer intent, refine content strategies, and accelerate deal closures.

Dive into a vast library of templates designed to cater to diverse content needs. From sales proposals, industry reports to newsletters and interactive presentations, these templates offer a quick start, ensuring consistent branding and design.
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Internal Communication

Transform mundane internal documents into immersive content experiences using Joomag. Guarantee secure sharing across your organization and harness powerful analytics to gauge content impact. From interactive magazines to dynamic newsletters, connect and inform your team in ways you've never imagined.
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I was amazed at the quality of Joomag

We get value from using Joomag to publish our digital magazines. It's easy to upload and manage our PDFs. We're leveraging Joomag's email marketing to drive distribution and its analytics to determine how our content is performing. Joomag is intuitive and easy to use.
Bianca Tamura
Content Production Manager at HP

Joomag is a Recognized Industry Leader

Boost Revenue, Increase Retention and Lower Cost with Joomag's Digital Publishing and Content Experience Platform

How it Works?

Create Publications from PDF or Templates
Dive into effortless content creation with Joomag. Whether you're starting from a PDF or using one of our versatile templates, crafting a stunning publication has never been this seamless.
Distribute Across Multiple Channels
With Joomag, spread your content far and wide. Distribute through links, data rooms, bookshelves, emails, branded mobile apps, and more. Ensure your interactive publication reaches its intended audience through every possible avenue.
Measure Reader Engagement and Sentiment
Delve deep into reader behavior with Joomag's specialized analytics tailored for interactive publications. Understand engagement patterns, capture sentiment, and refine your approach for maximum resonance. Knowledge is power; wield it with precision.