Coordinate Your Interactive Content Marketing Strategy From One Platform

Guide Leads and Convert Them All Into Sales

Provide Customers with an Unparalleled Interactive Experience

Generate more leads and magnify your reach by distributing your content across all devices

Content Creation

Get up and running by creating interactive publications in minutes. Use our 300+ predesigned templates, or simply upload a PDF file and bring it to life with our Crater Editor.

Lead Generation

Keep the sales process moving and use our powerful tools to generate more qualified leads.


Web, mobile, desktop, social media, mobile apps - use them all (and more) to inflate your content's visibility with Joomag.

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Kickstart Your Creativity the Right Way - Your Way

Start from scratch, choose a template, or upload a PDF file. The choice is yours.

Boost Conversions with the Power of Interactivity

Pepper interactive elements like photo galleries, videos, and feedback plugins throughout your content and cook up the perfect recipe for lead generation success.

Lead Generation Made Easy

Successful marketing equals successful lead generation. Create custom lead gen forms, have them appear as popups, acquire leads right from your publication, and leverage the CRM to manage them all.

Never Stop Improving with Analytics

Are readers engaged with your content? Where are they accessing it from? And which sources are driving the most traffic? Get these questions (and more) answered with Joomag's comprehensive analytics.

Get analytics about views, session duration and bounce rate

Easily find out where your readers are coming from

See the percentage of direct, referral and search traffic to your publication.

Tweak Your KPIs, Improve Your Performance, and Fine-tune Your Marketing


0% Increase in average session durations
0x Increase in pageviews
0% Decrease in bounce rates


0% Increase in audiences reached


0% Increase in sales-accepted leads
0% Increase in e-commerce sales

Case Studies

Warner Brothers Brazil

As a new venture into a new market, Joomag was able to provide the solutions and support needed to help launch our first digital magazine. We couldn’t have done it without their wonderful support.
Vinicius Iwashita, Marketing Coordinator at WBHE Brazil
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Do It Alone, or Join Forces

Seamlessly integrate Joomag into your marketing stack and work in tandem with other popular CRM, marketing automation, and email marketing platforms.

The Marketing Essentials, All at Your Fingertips

Real-time Analytics

Better understand your audience by learning more about its behavior, key demographics, and engagement levels.


Let multiple users work under the same account to promote a consistent brand message.

Crater Editor

Embellish your content with an array of interactive marketing tools from the premier online editor.

Shortened Links

Promote to leads and get your message across effectively with shortened URLs.


Reach your target audience on desktop and all mobile platforms.

Full Branding

Solidify your marketing brand by decorating your content with your logo, custom colors, and unique design.


Use a simple code to embed your marketing content on your website, social media channels, blog, and more. No coding required.


Manage your leads, segment them, and execute campaigns with highly accessible CRM tools.

Email Marketing

It's the most effective marketing strategy around, so conduct your own email campaigns right from Joomag's platform.

Branded Apps

We'll build your custom Android and iOS apps and distribute them on the App Store and Google Play.


Integrate your software with Joomag's platform to expedite your marketing communications.

Custom Domains

Link your domain to Joomag and provide a unique viewing experience that resonates with your brand.

Priority Support

Get the help you need, whenever you need it from the leading marketing and digital publishing experts.

Link Detection

A sophisticated platform means any embedded links will be automatically detected and highlighted.


Embed a bookshelf to your website and consolidate your content into a central hub.

Real-time Content Rollout

Marketing is always changing, so update and republish your content on the fly.

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Over 5,000 businesses can't be wrong. Join Joomag today!