Plan & Execute Your Corporate Communications Like Never Before

Tackle Every Communications Challenge from One Platform

Get Everyone Involved and Ensure Your Content Delivers a Consistent Company Message

Content Creation

It's easy to create anything when you have options. Start from scratch, choose from over 300 masterfully designed templates, or upload a PDF file to get started.

Deep Collaboration

Work towards a common goal and let every employee access your interactive content.

Branded Apps

Order custom branded Android and iOS apps for your company and let employees access content anytime, anywhere with just one tap.

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3 Ways to Create

Don't waste precious time. Start creating your content from scratch, by choosing from over 300 professionally designed templates, or by uploading a PDF file and enriching it with interactive elements.

Good Communication Requires Good Interactivity

So communicate your ideas more effectively by combining multiple images into a single photo gallery, uploading videos from your computer, YouTube, or Vimeo, and including feedback plugins to receive live responses from your audience.

Large-scale User Management Made Easy

Seamlessly add multiple users under an account and work as a team and assign advanced rights and roles to different employees.

Easily add multiple users under one account

Assign a specific role to each user: editor, admin, content writer, marketing manager, spectator

Measure Your Communication Success

Measure how employees, departments, key stakeholders, and other key audiences are interacting with your content. Glean valuable data such as email open rates, engagement rates, and how many times the offline PDF version of your publication is downloaded.

Measure the success of your email campaigns

Get analytics about
views, session duration and bounce rate

See how many times your publication was downloaded

On the Fly Editing

Static files aren't ideal for keeping documents up-to-date for every employee. So update your content in real-time and publish it instantly with Joomag.

KPIs With an Emphasis on Increasing Interdepartmental and External Communications


0% Increase in average session durations
0x Increase in pageviews
0% Decrease in bounce rates

Content Feedback

0% Increase in reviews, comments, and ratings

Employee Retention

0% Decrease in employee onboarding times

Everything You Need to Strengthen Your Corporate Communications

Crater Editor

An easy-to-use online editor that transforms stagnant corporate communication into fully realized, interactive content.

Publication Bookshelves

Embed a bookshelf to your company website and serve all of your content from it.


Put your heads together and add multiple employees under an account.

Real-Time Analytics

Learn what is and isn't working with your content and decode complex user behavior with Joomag's analytics.

Branded Apps

Request and receive your custom iOS and Android apps, and we'll distribute them both on the App Store and Google Play for maximum exposure.

Full Branding

Incorporate your company's unique logo, colors, and look straight into your digital publication.

Publication Privacy

Be discreet. Protect your company content in 3 unique ways by setting it as private, enforcing a password, or by enabling link sharing.

One-Click Updates

Update your publication with new information and let readers access it instantly.


Do things your way. Integrate your company processes with Joomag to publish new content, access your contact lists, update publications, send issues, and much more.

Custom Domain

Deliver a unique viewing experience by connecting your company website or blog to our platform.

Audit Logs

Keep track of all user activity under your corporate account including every update and edit made to your publications.

Direct Link Sharing

Share your communication strategy framework with a simple, shortened URL.

Join Joomag Today

Join over 5,000 corporations who use Joomag to enhance their communication infrastructures.