Periodical Management

Magazines, newspapers, newsletters-- manage all your periodicals under one digital roof. With custom-tailored tools, it’s extremely easy to create new issues, specify their frequency (monthly, weekly, etc.), pick a layout (long pages or spreads), schedule publishing times, and set up free or paid subscriptions for automatic issue delivery.

Creating a Magazine Title

A magazine title is a regularly published periodical, digital or print. An issue (or publication) refers to a single copy created under a magazine title. With Joomag, it's easy to create and arrange different types of publications; for example, if you want to publish several publications about one sport, simply create one magazine title and populate it with multiple issues.

Creating a Publication

You're more than welcome to create an unlimited amount of issues once your magazine is up and running. To help you get started, Joomag offers three ways to create: using a predesigned template, uploading a PDF file, or using the Crater Editor.

Publication Formats

When starting a publication from scratch, you can specify the total number of pages it will have, choose between a single or double spread page layout, determine the page size, and select a portrait or landscape page orientation.

Rearranging Issues

Publications can be rearranged and moved from one magazine to another with ease.

Joomag's cloning tool can duplicate any selected publication. The duplicated copy (along with any other magazine you create) can remain unpublished and worked on until it is ready to go live.

Deep Customization

Name any magazine title and enter its description. Then choose the magazine's type, category, language, and region. It's the same deal for issues, too. Decide their titles, flesh out their description boxes, add keywords, and select their secondary categories. Don't leave the print enthusiasts behind! Let them print out any pages of your issue, if they wish. It's possible with Joomag.

Magazine Subscriptions

Set custom subscriptions for every magazine you create, including:

No subscription
Free subscription
Paid subscription

Once you've made your choice, you can then enable subscription popups to appear throughout your publication. And to ensure the quality of your subscriber list, consider sending a double opt-in email to new subscribers.

Offer more competitive prices for your subscriptions by applying discounts to them. How? With special coupons that can be created and distributed on Joomag's platform.

Selling Options

Enable paid subscriptions to profit from your hard work. Readers will need to pay first before accessing publications, and you can manage your subscription cycles at will.

The Joomag Newsstand

Ready to publish your jaw-dropping content on the Joomag Newsstand? Great! Before doing so, however, you'll first need to fill out some information regarding your new magazine and/or issue. That way, readers can receive a nice synopsis of the content before they access it.

Every single issue created by a publisher is displayed on the "Publisher" page, a centralized hub that allows publishers to present all of their content from a single destination. Readers will be able to view a magazine's description and understand which types of issues are included under it.

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