Turn your passion into profit and start selling publications directly from Joomag's all-in-one platform. Monetize content by selling subscriptions and single publications. Then get the data you need to track performance and identify key trends around your sales pipeline.

How It Works

You sell, they buy. Here's a quick overview of how both are possible with Joomag.

Setting the Price

Set the price and frequency for single publications or add Subscription Packages with one button click. Joomag's advanced tier-based system will automatically convert prices into 24 different currencies, helping you appeal to a wider, international audience.

Preview Pages

Give them a little taste. For paid subscriptions determine the number of pages that can be previewed by potential buyers. Joomag's protection system will prevent readers from viewing further until after the purchase has been made.

Publishing and Distribution

Just hit the "Go Live" button once your content is ready for publishing, and you're set. But don't forget about Joomag's other distribution channels, such as social media and web embedding, to inflate its exposure even further.


Buying publications is just as easy as selling them. Readers can purchase publications or subscribe to them with one click. Any newly published publications will be delivered automatically once the "Go Live" button is selected.

Subscription Handling

Don't worry about subscription renewals. Joomag will renew them automatically so your readers won't have to.


Net profits earned from all magazine subscription sales are transferred to your account on a monthly basis.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Joomag's DRM system protects content from unauthorized distribution. Publication text and images, for example, cannot be copied and pasted, ensuring that the content is not distributed illegally to any third parties. The readers won't be able to hand over a purchased publication to someone else by distributing its link either.

Sales Statistics

Sell smarter and develop a kick-ass sales strategy with Joomag's informative metrics.

Sales Profit

View the total number of digital publications and subscriptions sold during a particular time period, in addition to the net profit after commissions are applied.

Detailed Data

Organize, sort, and view separate data more easily by applying various filters such as profit types and sources.

See it in action


In the end, your hard work will pay off.


Joomag's standard commission fees are deducted from sales and can range from 10%, 20%, or 30% depending on the billing plan. For mobile app purchases, Joomag will charge 40% or 50% commission based on the publication's selling price (and the publisher's billing plan).


Earnings made from the 15th of the previous month to 14th of the current month will be transferred to a publisher's PayPal account.

Connect with Customers

Build special rapport with your audience and keep them coming back for more.


Reward loyal readers and promote your business by creating special coupons for publications and subscriptions.

Complimentary Subscriptions and Publications

Give thanks by sending all or some of your subscribers a free magazine publication/subscription from Joomag's CRM.

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