Lead Generation

Capture leads, guide them through your conversion funnel, and turn them all into satisfied customers with several clicks.

Lead Generation Forms


They're perfect for grabbing your reader's attention, reflecting the value of what you're offering, and driving more conversions. Customize your pop-up's fields, appearance, and functionality.

In-Magazine Lead Generation

All the best lead generation tools in one place: your interactive publication. Get readers to subscribe instantly without ever leaving your content: Here's how:

Email Subscription Form Plugin

Use the Crater Editor's plugin tools to embed an email subscription form. Plugins provide a seamless, uninterrupted reading experience and minimize distractions in the form of redirects.

Hotspot Tool

Place subscription forms in your publication with hotspots. You can hotspot links to specific texts, images, and other elements of your publication with a simple button click.

Web Embedding

Embed subscription form codes into your website and cultivate leads from your own domain. Joomag will provide the codes and can optimize any website for successful lead generation.

The CRM and Lead Management

Every single piece of information captured from subscription forms is stored in the CRM. Use it to easily manage your subscribers' data; for example, import lists and integrate other CRM systems with Joomag to work with preexisting contacts. Segment contacts and execute campaigns with highly accessible CRM tools.

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Email Marketing

Nearly 200 million emails are delivered every minute of the day, proving that email marketing is still the most popular and trusted form of communication between companies and customers.

Leverage the power of Joomag's email marketing tools to turn one-time readers into lifelong subscribers. Build targeted campaigns across multiple channels using the Email Editor, templates, and analytics.

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