Joomag Integrations

Automate tasks and save yourself lots of time by using Zapier—the premier web automation app. Connect your favorite apps, streamline your work, and get better at what you do.

Automation made simple

Integrates your favorite apps and services to make Joomag your centralized hub for content sharing and workflow management.

Upload PDF
Using Zapier, set up a process of automatically uploading your PDF directly to Joomag’s platform.
Create Contact
Connect your contact lists from other sites, like Mailchimp, to Joomag so any new contacts you add to the former will automatically appear in your Joomag account.
Send Issue
Automatically send a magazine issue to a reader after he or she provides an email address to you.
Send Subscription
With Zapier, automatically send subscriptions to readers once they enter in their email addresses.
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