Email Marketing

Create engaging emails, launch your very own campaigns, and forge meaningful connections with your subscribers via Joomag.

Creating Emails

Custom Templates

Choose a predesigned layout and design it according to your unique style. No experience? No worries. You can still create high quality, professional emails to send to your customers with Joomag's Email Editor. Add any editable content to a template including text, images, colors, borders, buttons, social media links, and entire publications-- all with simple drag and drop functionality.

System Templates

Whenever a new issue is created, 4 email templates are generated and sent to readers automatically. Each template set is fully customizable, and this process makes it easier to import magazines to emails and send them to leads, lists, and other persons of interest quickly.

Code Your Own Template

Looking for more control over your email design? You can also code your own template directly on Joomag's platform for future use.

Managing Contacts and Lists with the CRM

If you've gained important contacts from other CRM systems you're using, you can transfer them all to Joomag. Or, you can save your Joomag contacts and move them to other platforms hassle-free. Drag and drop an XLS, XLSX, or CSV file to start importing lists, or export any CSV file containing your Joomag subscribers.

Get specific by segmenting subscribers via custom lists. Create contact lists based on various criteria such as reader locations, subscription cycles, campaigns, and more.

Stay organized. Manage your contacts from a single workstation and integrate your own customer management softwares with Joomag's CRM. Any new contact added to the CRM will then be automatically transferred to the integrated platform, and vice versa.

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Plan and Execute Email Campaigns

It's a lot easier than it sounds with Joomag, whose streamlined platform offers the quickest tools for building the perfect campaign. Simply select your template from a drop-down menu, choose the contact lists you wish to send the email to, and hit the "Plan Campaign" button.

Email Campaign Analytics

You can't improve what you don't measure, and the same rule also applies to your email campaigns. With Joomag, determine the click and open rates of your messages, how many of them were delivered, are in the process of being delivered, or were dropped. You'll be notified of any undelivered messages so you can track bounced emails, too.

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