Multichannel distribution made fast and easy. Put your content in front of the right people, the right way, with the right tools



Seamlessly integrate your Joomag publications into existing webpages and blogs. Content embedded on personal websites is great for driving traffic, letting both new and existing readers discover you.


Stylishly showcase multiple publications on a neatly designed wooden bookshelf for viewers to admire. Ideal for generating traffic to several publications.

Social Media

Social Sharing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest-- embed your digital content on all (and more) to generate high-quality traffic and maximize visibility.

Facebook Mini Viewer

Facebook users can view entire Joomag publications without ever leaving their feeds. No annoying redirects = no problems.

Branded Apps

Purchase a standalone, custom app to represent your brand in the vast mobile market. Joomag will deploy it on both the App Store and Google Play, reaching out to mobile readers while helping you fortify your Direct-to-Customer strategy. Apps will keep readers informed of any newly released publications via push notifications.

The Joomag Newsstand

Over 5 million monthly visitors strong, the Joomag Newsstand is the perfect destination for hosting digital content; just one click is all it takes to do so. The Joomag Newsstand app is available for iOS and Android.


Increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and content traffic with Joomag's actionable SEO tools. Simply select keywords and phrases from your publications for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to index. It's that easy.

Hard Copy Distribution

Has digital completely squashed print? Nope. Print publishing is still around. For many, there's still great value in owning a physical copy of a publication. So enable hard copy printing and give the people what they want. Joomag will also handle the delivery process entirely.

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