Crater Editor

A professional, accessible, and interactive take on digital content creation

Introducing the Crater Editor

You need power. You need accessibility. You need the Crater Editor - Joomag's incredibly versatile online editor. Select from 3 unique starting options to fire up your creativity. Then innovative on each page as every publication you create is brought to life like never before.

Get Ahead by Getting Started

Your blank canvas awaits.

Choose from over 300 professionally designed templates and replace their content with your own.

Then supercharge its preexisting content with extra interactivity.

Publication Types

Single Spread

Create a publication in single page format. Adjust page sizes by selecting their width and height. Ideal for creating e-books, presentations, and newsletters.

Double Spread

Double the fun with a double spread format. Practical for creating magazines and catalogs.

Long Pages

Create longer, scrollable content by adjusting the height of a page. A great choice for newspapers and brochures.

Adding Photos and Slideshows to a Publication

Showcase dazzling photos like never before. Upload images directly to a publication and combine them all into a single, fully customizable slideshow.

Adding Photos

Incorporate photos into publications with the Crater Editor's Photo tool. Then crop, rotate, or transform them to your heart's content.

Creating Slideshows

Save space and engage readers at the same time by combining multiple images into a single, interactive slideshow.

Video and Audio

Put the "extra" into "ordinary content" with the Crater Editor. Imbue publications with rich audio and video elements to captivate readers while boosting engagement.

Embedding Video

Need to draw attention towards a specific aspect of the page? Upload videos from a PC or from popular video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Feel free to change a video thumbnail by uploading your very own, too.

Placing Audio

Add SoundCloud audio files to a publication or upload personal files from a PC. Set music to play for the duration of a publication, or for specific pages only. Either way, readers will enjoy the melodic experience.

Working with Text

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but those words are likely different for each of us. Great text can lend to the overall cohesiveness of a page's layout, so getting it right is important. With the Crater Editor's Text tool, add text to a publication, change line and letter spacings, or apply kerning.

Fun with Fonts

Fonts can increase legibility, represent entire brands, emphasize an idea, and add personality. Picking the right one with Joomag is easy, whose platform can also upload custom fonts in both TTF and OTF formats.

Creating Multi-Column Text

Multi-column texts are common in the publishing industry. Create an infinite amount of columns (if you wish) and use Joomag's Gutter tool to adjust the spaces between them.

Adding Interactive Elements

Static content won't cut it anymore. Readers expect some sort of interactivity from digital content. The text-only reading experience is no more; the dawn of interactive publishing is here.


Add hotspots to your content, link them to any external websites, or direct readers to different pages within the publication. It's an invaluable tool for providing instant access to content and enhancing the overall reading experience.


Create fully customizable forms and collect all the info you need to run and grow your business. Add forms directly to your publication for lead capturing, subscriber sign ups and more. Once you've created your forms, track all the submissions right from your CRM.

Web Page

Display content from external sources by embedding web pages on publication. Use this tool to create a survey widget, a game widget, a calendar or anything else that comes to mind.

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Shapes and Drawings

The Crater Editor's Shape tool provides an easy way to create a variety of different shapes including lines, basic geometric shapes, equation shapes, arrows, callouts, banners, doodles, and more. It can also upload custom shapes.

Adding a Drawing

Drawings can be incorporated into publications in the form of lines, rectangles, and/or ovals.

Creating Shapes

Create any geometric shape imaginable. Think it, create it, or upload custom shapes (all of which are kept in your personal library).

Working with the Content

Access, organize, and manage all multimedia files used in a publication from your personal Library.

Handily add, delete, and move pages around via the Crater Editor's page management tool.

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