Awesome CRM

Manage your hard-earned subscribers and leads with a high-powered arsenal of innovative online solutions

Subscription Management

Importing Contact Lists

Import your contact lists to Joomag by dragging and dropping them to our platform or by selecting a XLS, XLSX, or CSV file. Hit the “Import” button, say hi to your newly imported subscribers, and start sending them your stellar content.

Creating Contacts Manually

No contact lists? No worries. You can also add a new contact manually by entering his or her name, email address, phone number, occupation, and more.

Exporting Contacts

You have worked hard to convert your readers into full-fledged subscribers. Now you can export them from Joomag's Awesome CRM and continue to manage them.

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Lead Generation

Quick & Easy Subscription Popups

Turn one-time readers into full-fledged subscribers by requesting their names and email addresses.

Embedded Subscribe Forms

Fully customize your unique subscription forms and determine which fields are required to fill out. Then embed it on your website of choice with no hassles.

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Single Issue and Subscription Delivery

Segment and Deliver

Segment your subscribers effectively, create specific lists for different subscribers, and deliver the right content to each of them. Construct new lists based on specific criteria such as magazine subscriptions, subscription dates, and subscriber locations.

Complimentary Subscriptions

We believe in the power of giving back, and so should you! Reward your loyal subscribers by offering them a free subscription. Simply choose the magazine you wish to deliver and then specify the subscription package type.

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Email Marketing

Predesigned Templates

Professional templates, professional ways to kick-start your campaign. Choose one to lay the perfect foundation for your email template.

Email Editor

You won’t need any design experience to craft a visually striking email with Joomag. Our easy-to use drag and drop editor will allow you to create campaigns that match your style. Easily attach a magazine to your email, enter your message, set custom colors, buttons, and more.

Email Campaign Analytics

Create and deliver email campaigns as part of your digital marketing strategy. Measure the campaign performance by getting valuable data such as unique clicks, open rates, unsubscribes and more.

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Seamlessly integrate Joomag with your marketing stack and work in tandem with other popular CRM, and email marketing platforms.

Subscriber Analytics

Get comprehensive data about your audience. Learn more about your subscribers, their active subscriptions, purchases, and unsubscribe rate. Then use this knowledge to conduct the perfect outreach campaigns.