Make informed business decisions by using the right data and analyzing it effectively. Learn how readers are interacting with publications via comprehensive metrics such as pageviews, daily views, average session durations, links, and more.

Content Insights

The complete analytics package for understanding how readers are consuming your content.


It's important to know how many readers your publication attracts; a higher number could indicate more interest towards a specific topic, and vice versa.

Reader Engagement

Traffic is pointless if readers aren't actively engaging with the content. How long are they staying with your publication per visit? How many pages are viewed on average? A higher engagement level can garner more ad revenue and qualified readers for a publication.

Content Engagement

A publication typically consists of many articles, so understanding which ones resonate best with your audience is especially important. One way to do so is by tracking the pages which receive the most pageviews.

Traffic Insights

It's frustrating when you're unable to trace search traffic back to its original source. Not with Joomag; use its in-depth traffic source data to determine which search, direct, and referral traffic sources are working best for your publication.

Geolocation Insights

A reader's location can be the most decisive piece of information about them, revealing important details about their content preferences. Joomag's all-inclusive map overlay feature shows which countries, states, and cities readers are coming from.

Device Insights

Desktop or mobile? Use this metric to learn which devices readers are accessing content from. If the numbers are leaning more towards mobile, consider a branded app to maximize your online brand presence.

Link Insights

Any embedded links within a publication can be mined for valuable data, including how many clicks they receive. Link statistics are closely tied to both conversion rates and the overall effectiveness of publication ads.

PDF Downloads

Some readers prefer an offline reading experience. The "PDF Downloads" metric reveals how many times an offline PDF version of a publication is downloaded. Use it to gauge the ROI of your interactive content strategy, since offline publications do not retain any interactive elements.

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