Joomag Features

Create and deliver dynamic interactive content, measure success and grow your business.

Interactive Publications

High-speed Conversion - PDF to Digital

Convert any PDF file into a fully customizable, digital form in mere minutes.

Stunning Premium Templates

Pick and choose from nearly 300+ high-quality templates from 12 different categories and set the perfect foundation for your online publication.

Professional Online Editor

Harness the power of the Crater Editor to craft inspiring online publications from scratch and enrich content with interactive elements. An array of advanced editing tools means you’ll have no problem bringing your vision to life.

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Captivate with Videos and Music

Upload videos from your PC, YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video-sharing websites right to your content. Then take your publication to a whole new level by adding music directly from your PC or Soundcloud.

Breathtaking Slideshows

Combine several photos into a single, customizable slideshow and create beautiful slideshows for readers to enjoy.

Heightened Interactivity with Plugins

Engage your audience on another level with forms and embedded webpages. Have your readers easily subscribe, collect the information you need. Or embed quizzes, surveys, games, calendars or anything else that comes to mind right into your publication.

Seamless Link and Hotspot Integration

Link specific texts, images, and other elements from your publication to outside websites and redirect users to them with a click of a button.

Fun with Custom Fonts

Fonts speak louder than words. So upload your own and communicate your message clearly and effectively.

Mobile and Tablets

Accessible on All Devices

Every publication created with Joomag is optimized for all major mobile and web platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Your Publication on Joomag's Newsstand Apps

Give even more people another high-quality reading experience through publishing it on Joomag's Newsstand App.


Embedding Made Easy

Share your online magazines by conveniently embedding them on your website or on any WordPress or Joomla site. You can embed an entire publication, a bookshelf, or just the cover only—the choice is yours.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your digital publication for major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It's as easy as selecting keywords and phrases from your content for search engines to index.

Have a Custom Domain?

Link it to your publication, let people read your content from there, and double your online exposure.

Email Marketing

Create engaging emails, launch your very own campaigns, and forge meaningful connections with your subscribers with email marketing suite.

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Easy Access with Shortened URLs

No more unsightly URLs to blemish your content’s overall look. We’ll generate a clean, short link for your publication so you can manage it easier.


Logo in the Viewer

It’s the cornerstone of businesses and independent publishers alike, so include your logo in the Joomag Viewer and magnify your brand tenfold.

Viewer Customization

Change the background color, add your logo, select a custom theme, and configure navigation settings to give your reader a distinct flavor.

Email Templates

Create and customize your emails by adding colors, texts, images, links, and even publications. Then send them out via custom email campaigns whenever you’re ready.

Multi-branding Reimagined

Hosting multiple publications under your account? Brand each one differently and appeal to segmented audiences more effectively. Questions?

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Custom System Messages

Our system automates the email delivery process and lets you determine what your messages will say before they’re sent to your readers.

Branded Checkout: An Extra Layer of Customization

Include your unique logo on checkout pages for ready-to-buy customers to admire.

Branded Applications

Order branded Android and iOS apps for your publication and make sure you provide your readers the best reading experience. Ideally, you want both!

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Audience Insights

The complete analytics package for understanding your readers and where they come from.

Readers Activity

Discover how many readers — new or returning — your publication attracts. Understand individual, rather than aggregate, user behavior.

Geolocation Insights

Develop the perfect customer profile by collecting important location data. With Joomag, you’ll know exactly where your readers come from - countries, states, and cities.

Device Insights

Desktop or mobile? Use this metric to know which devices readers are using to access your digital content.

Content Insights

People consume content in different ways. We’ll show you how.

Most Popular Content

Find your most popular content quickly and easily. Add a secondary dimension to your report and sort data by readers’ locations, devices, web browsers, and other criteria.

Page Performance

A single publication can have hundreds of pages in it, so knowing which ones resonate best with your audience is important.

Behavior Insights

What's keeping readers hooked? Find out with these helpful tracking metrics.


A publication typically consists of many articles, so understanding which ones resonate best with your audience is especially important. One way to do so is by tracking the pages which receive the most pageviews.


Traffic is pointless if readers aren't actively engaging with the content. How long are they staying with your publication per visit, how many pages they view in average? Find out more with our engagement metrics.

Video & Audio Performance

Enrich your publication with engaging video and audio content. Then track their individual performance from a single, easy to use interface.

Link Performance

Any embedded links within a publication can be mined for valuable data, including how many clicks they receive. Link statistics are closely tied to both conversion rates and the overall effectiveness of publication ads.

Reading Progress

Monitor any and all progress your readers are making. Add a secondary dimension to your data report and sort information based on readers’ locations, devices, and preferred web browsers.


High retention rates can keep your business up and running for a very long time. Let Joomag set your brand up for success by calculating and tracking retention rates for you.

Acquisition Insights

Analyze different types of sources that drive traffic to your publications.

Traffic Sources

Use Joomag's in-depth traffic source data to determine which search, direct, social and referral traffic sources are working best for your publication. Add a secondary dimension and find out valuable data by device, browser, country, and city.


Once you’ve created your very own email campaign with Joomag, track its performance to see how much traffic it drove!


Subscription Management

Don’t ever worry about losing your contacts. Import and export them to Joomag's platform, or create them the good old' fashioned way - manually.

Single Publication and Subscription Delivery

Get organized. Filter your subscribers into segments and deliver specific publications, subscriptions, or complementary subscriptions to them.

Import Contacts

Import your contact lists to Joomag by dragging and dropping them to our platform or by selecting a XLS, XLSX, or CSV file. Hit the “Import” button, say hi to your newly imported subscribers, and start sending them your stellar content.

Exporting Contacts

You have worked hard to convert your readers into full-fledged subscribers. Now you can export them from Joomag's CRM and continue to manage them.

List & Access Management

Segment your contacts effectively, create lists for different contacts or leads, and deliver the right content to each of them. Grant access based on specific criteria such as publication subscriptions, subscription dates, and subscriber locations.

Email Marketing

Kick-start your email campaign by choosing a predesigned template. Then drag and drop any content and brand it according to your style. And when you're ready, glean valuable campaign data such as unique clicks, open rates, unsubscribes, and more.

Publication Privacy

Private for Specific People

The ideal choice for businesses looking to grant content access to specific people only.

Password Protected

Your publications can only be viewed by people who have the password (set and distributed by yourself).

Anyone With the Link

Only users who have received a link to the publication can access it.

Not Available to Search Engines

Joomag specializes in making publications more visible on search engines, but we can do the opposite, too. For privacy-related reasons, publishers can keep their work hidden from search engines.


Advanced Rights and Roles

Working with a team? Assign roles to different users under an account and grant specific privileges to each of them.


Editors have full access to magazines and can create, edit, delete, clone, or publish them. They can also view statistics.


An admin has full access to the account, but does not have access to payment-related information.

Content Writers

Content Writers can only create, edit, and clone magazines.

Marketing Managers

The Marketing Manager is responsible for promoting publications via Joomag’s mass mailing tools. They can also view publications along with their respective statistics.


Want others to review your work without editing it? Add them as "spectators" under your account and let the fun begin.

Audit Logs

Ensure you’re always on top of everything. Account holders can track the activities of all users under the account. Useful for collaborative projects with a large amount of people working together.


Do It Alone, or Join Forces

Integrate Joomag with your marketing stack and work in tandem with other popular CRM, marketing automation, content creation and email marketing platforms. Gain organization and centralization in your data, have easy customer behavior visibility and improve workflow prioritization.

E-mail marketing

Marketing Automation

Content Creation


Joomag Integrations

Integrate Joomag with external services to optimise and automate your business processes efficiently.

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Leveraging Joomag's API for Publication Management

With seamless software integration, publishers can merge their websites or apps with Joomag's platform to create new collections and publications, publish content or enable subscriptions, and access/update publication details.

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Managing Your Contacts Has Never Been Easier

Joomag's streamlined API also allows users to easily create new contacts, send publications and subscriptions, and instantly access all of their contact lists

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