Interactive publications

High-speed Conversion - PDF to Digital

Convert any PDF file into a fully customizable, digital form in mere minutes.

Stunning Magazine Templates

Pick and choose from nearly 200 high-quality templates from 12 different categories and set the perfect foundation for your online publication.

Professional Online Editor

Harness the power of the Crater Editor to craft inspiring online publications from scratch and enrich content with interactive elements. An array of advanced editing tools means you’ll have no problem bringing your vision to life.

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Captivate with Videos and Music

Upload videos from your PC, YouTube, and other popular video-sharing websites right to your content. Then take your publication to a whole new level by adding background music.

Breathtaking Photo Galleries

Combine several photos into a single, customizable photo gallery and create beautiful slideshows for readers to enjoy.

Heightened Interactivity with Plugins

Engage your audience on another level with Joomag’s interactive plugins. Place a Shoutbox plugin and start an online chat with your readers. Use a Rating plugin to let them rate your content then and there. Or have them subscribe to your publication instantly via the Subscribe plugin.

Beautiful Stock Images

Get instant access to millions of top-tier editorial photos from Getty Images and Depositphotos without ever leaving the Crater Editor.

An Image Editor Unlike Any Other

Add unique effects, apply different filters, place text on images, attach stickers, and much more with the Photo Editor tool accessed from the Crater Editor.

Seamless Link and Hotspot Integration

Link specific texts, images, and other elements from your publication to outside websites and redirect users to them with a click of a button.

Fun with Custom Fonts

Fonts speak louder than words. So upload your own and communicate your message clearly and effectively.


Multiple Device Compatibility

Every publication created with Joomag can be optimized for all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Complete Interactivity with HTML5

Joomag’s HTML viewer will retain every single interactive element from your publication when viewed on mobile browsers.

Available on Our Native App

Is your publication mobile-friendly? Great, now give readers another high-quality reading experience through our native app.


Embedding Made Easy

Share your online magazines by conveniently embedding them on your website or on any WordPress or Joomla site. You can embed an entire publication, a bookshelf, or just the cover only—the choice is yours.

The Power of the Joomag Newsstand

Publish your work on Joomag’s Newsstand for over 5 million unique monthly visitors to enjoy.

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Instant Social Sharing & the Facebook Mini-viewer

Facebook users can view Joomag publications from their activity feeds without having to leave them, courtesy of our handy mini-viewer. Publishers can also simultaneously share their content across all major social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and more.

SEO Is the Way to Go

Optimize your digital publication for major search engines like Google and Bing. It’s as easy as selecting keywords and phrases from your content that will appear on search engine result pages. Optimize your online publication for better indexing and ranking in major search engines like Google and Bing.

Have a Custom Domain?

Link it to your publication, let people read your content from there, and double your online exposure.

Customizable Email Campaigns

Organize custom email campaigns and send out digital issues and subscriptions to your readers with the Awesome CRM.

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Keeping It Old School with Print-on-Demand

Print isn’t going anywhere, and we’re happy to hear it. Enable hard copy ordering for your publication, allow readers to purchase them from our website, and let us handle the entire process.

Easy Access with Shortened URLs

No more unsightly URLs to blemish your content’s overall look. We’ll generate a clean, short link for your publication so you can manage it easier.


Turn off Ads, Turn off Distractions

Give your content all the attention it deserves by removing distracting advertisement banners from the magazine viewer.

Your Logo is Everything

It’s the cornerstone of businesses and independent publishers alike, so use your logo in magazine viewer and magnify your brand tenfold.

Customize Your Digital Reader

Change the background color, add your logo, select a custom theme, and configure navigation settings to give your reader a distinct flavor.

Email Templates

Create and customize your emails by adding colors, texts, images, links, and even publications. Then send them out via custom email campaigns whenever you’re ready.

Multi-branding Reimagined

Hosting multiple publications under your account? Brand each one differently and appeal to segmented audiences more effectively.

Custom System Messages

Our system automates the email delivery process and lets you determine what your messages will say before they’re sent to your readers.

Branded Checkout: An Extra Layer of Customization

Include your unique logo on checkout pages for ready-to-buy customers to admire.

Branded Applications

Order branded Android and iOS apps for your publication and make sure you provide your readers the best reading experience. Ideally, you want both!

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Life's Too Short for Traffic…

So we’ll help you better invest your time by identifying which search engines, domains, and marketing campaigns generate the most traffic for your online publications.

Search Traffic

Chances are that if you’re using SEO for content marketing, you’ll want to know which search engines (like Google or Bing) are generating the most traffic. Use Joomag’s Search Traffic metric to do exactly that.

Direct Traffic

It’s a strong indicator of your publishing brand’s strength, so use this metric to determine how many visitors arrive directly to your content without any referring parties.

Referral Traffic

Identify the percentage of visitors who come to your publication from direct links on other websites.

Performance Tracking with Campaign Analytics

Once you’ve launched your very own email campaign, you can assess your performance using detailed metrics such as the percentages of delivered, dropped, and bounced emails. You’ll also get an in-depth look at the amount of unique clicks, open rates, and unsubscribes.

Content Analytics at Your Fingertips

Learn exactly how readers are interacting with your content by gleaning valuable data such as the number of page views, daily views, average view durations, links, and much more.

Page Views

The quality and value of your content is, in one way, determined by the number of page views it receives. Discover the number of views certain pages obtain and how many of them are read by users on average.

Average Session Duration

To let you truly evaluate the quality of your content, Joomag calculates the exact hours, minutes, and seconds readers are staying within a particular page of your publication.


Embedding links in your digital publication is a great idea. Learning how many clicks they receive and which ones are the most popular is pretty cool, too. We let you do both.

Detailed Download Information

Know how many times readers are downloading the offline PDF version of your publication, and from which devices.

Daily Views

Find out the number of unique impressions your content receives on a daily basis.

Precise Geolocations

Focus your marketing efforts by knowing where your readers are coming from. Use Joomag’s map overlay feature to identify the cities they are residing in, for example.

Keywords Are Key

Fine-tune your SEO and boost your conversion rates by understanding which keywords are performing well and which ones could be doing better.

Understanding Device Preferences

Is a particular share of your audience accessing your content from mobile devices, or desktop? Either way, it’s crucial information to know.

Subscriber Analytics

Your subscribers’ active subscriptions include critical information such purchased issues and unsubscribes. Use this information to conduct focused outreach campaigns.

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Simplified Selling

Put your hard work up for sale and start selling publications right from Joomag’s platform. It’s very easy, and our advanced monetization tools make the selling process hassle-free.

Single Issue and Subscription Selling

Sell your magazine online as individual issues and/or as part of custom subscription cycles.

Multiple Subscription Options

It’s your choice. Enable free or paid subscriptions and turn readers into full-fledged subscribers.

Discounts, Anyone?

Reward loyal readers or run special promotions by creating your own discount coupons.

Global Emphasis with Multiple Currencies

Think international, inflate your market presence, and appeal to more audiences by selling your publications in 24 different currencies with Joomag.

Subscription Packages

Enable subscription with multiple subscription packages and let your readers choose the most convenient subscription option for them.


Privacy Is Priority

The ideal choice for publishers looking to grant content access to specific people only.

What’s the Password?

Your publications can only be viewed by people who have the password (set and distributed by yourself).

Link-only Access

Only users who have received a link to the publication can access it.

No Thanks, Search Engines

Joomag specializes in making publications more visible on search engines, but we can do the opposite, too. For privacy-related reasons, publishers can keep their work hidden from search engines.


Advanced Rights and Roles

Working with a team? Assign roles to different users under an account and grant specific privileges to each of them.


Editors have full access to magazines and can create, edit, delete, clone, or publish them. They can also view statistics.


An admin has full access to the account, but does not have access to payment-related information.

Content Writers

Content Writers can only create, edit, and clone magazines.

Marketing Managers

The Marketing Manager is responsible for promoting publications via Joomag’s mass mailing tools. They can also view publications along with their respective statistics.

Audit Logs

Ensure you’re always on top of everything. Account holders can track the activities of all users under the account. Useful for collaborative projects with a large amount of people working together.


Leveraging Joomag's API for Publication Management

With seamless software integration, publishers can merge their websites or apps with Joomag's platform to create new sets and issues, publish content or enable subscriptions, and access/update publication details.

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Managing Your Contacts Has Never Been Easier

Joomag's streamlined API also allows users to easily create new contacts, send issues and subscriptions, and instantly access all of their contact lists

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