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What Can I Create with Joomag?


Start from scratch, upload a PDF file, or choose a template. Your digital magazine will then need videos, photos, and audio to make it as engaging and interactive as possible. Go ahead and do so easily using Joomag’s Online Editor.

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Got a product you’re just dying to show off? Create a digital catalog, showcase what you’ve got, and let readers go to your own website directly from it, if you want.

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Tell your stories like never before by incorporating interactive videos and photos alongside your text. Or you can ditch the text altogether, use audio recordings instead, and let readers listen in for an immersive storytelling experience.

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Photo Albums

Choose from one of our templates to help you get started with your digital photo collection. Then simply upload your own photos, customize every single aspect of them, and combine them into one beautiful album. Order a hard-copy order of your album too and let your readers do the same.

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Crater Online Editor

There’s no coding, no endless review rounds with developers, and no waiting when you have COMPLETE control over your digital content. With Joomag’s unique Online Editor, you determine the design of your publications with a full arsenal of animation and interactive tools. Fully realize your artistic vision and bring your unique style to life in every single page.

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Multiple Platform Optimization

Your readers are using different devices to view their favorite titles. Ensure you’ve got them all covered by letting them access your content while on the go, in the workplace, at home, or anywhere else in the world.

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Personalized Apps

Request your very own custom branded app for iOS and Android and Joomag will develop it for you. You’ll be publishing your content on the App Store and Google Play in no time.

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Awesome CRM

Manage Subscribers with Ease

Instantly manage all your contacts from a single interface. Learn more about the people who subscribe to your publications, add new subscribers if necessary, and launch your own mass mailing campaigns to promote your hard work.

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Selling Options

Sell your Digital and Print Publications

Easily sell individual issues, subscriptions, and hard copy orders of your magazine with Joomag. Just set the price and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Privacy Settings

Publication Security

Add an extra layer of security by protecting your digital publications in 3 unique ways. Set a password, for example, when sending out presale materials to your distributors or when embedding a digital magazine in a private area of a website.

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Collect Publication and Reader Data

Learn which pages of your digital magazine are read the most and how long readers stay on them, for instance. Gather even more useful information that you won't find with Google Analytics.

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Other Features

Personalize your publications with custom branding. Show off your logo in the magazine viewer and even let buyers of your online magazines see it during the checkout process.
Use a simple code to embed your publications directly to your website and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
Launch custom mass-mailing campaigns and keep your subscribers up-to-date with your latest publications and special promotions.
Let audit logs provide you with detailed records of every update and edit made by users under your account. That way you'll know exactly who changed what in your publications.
Integrate your website or app with Joomag using our API. Streamline how you create publications, embed them in your website, deliver subscriptions, and more.
Improve the visibility of your online magazines on all major search engines like Google and Bing with SEO. Determine which words and phrases from your publication will appear on search engines, and then let Joomag ensure that they do.
Contact our Live Chat Support to get the answers to your publication questions. Need help placing a plugin? Or maybe you're having trouble managing your digital magazines? You ask and we answer.
By enabling the print-on-demand feature, you'll let readers print out individual pages of your publication or the entire thing for an offline reading experience.

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