How to order the hard copy of your own magazine

If you wish to purchase a hard-copy of the magazine you uploaded/created with Joomag, follow these steps.

Note: It is assumed that you are in My Magazines.

Step1. Select the magazine you wish and click the Printing Settings button of your issue.

Step2. Enable the printing option and then click the ORDER HARD COPY button.

Step3. A new window will popup, showing the preview of your hard-copy. Review it and click the NEXT STEP button when you're ready to proceed with the purchase.

Step4. Enter the number of hard copies you wish to order in the Quantity field and click the NEXT STEP button. You may also specify the size of the hard copy.

Step5. Enter the shipping information and click the NEXT STEP button.

Step6. Verify your order and click the checkbox confirming your order, after that proceed to checkout.

Once your order is placed, it may take up to 10 business days to produce and ship it to the mentioned address.