The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. The Essential Guide to Doing Transition. - Page 23

Transition Network Resources

You can download our guide to community engagement here.

Our ‘Big List’ exercise is very helpful here, offering a simple way to identify people and groups in your community who could help you deliver Transition.

Our Guide to ‘Planning and Putting On Events’ will come in very helpful.

Our 'How to get and keep people involved in Transition' guide is here.

You may also enjoy our 'Events and fun things to do' infosheet.

Community involvement is absolutely crucial to the success of Transition in your community.

As more people come into the project, you will help them form their own self-sustaining projects, or theme groups that work with a particular focus such as Food, Energy, Communication

or Wellbeing.

“It’s more than a garden, it’s a place in the neighbourhood where

we can stay and have a few words with the neighbours, people you

normally pass by. We are seeing all different people talking to each

other, all ages, from children to old people. It’s a social meeting point”.

- Sébastien Mathieu, 1000 Bruxelles en Transition.

Transition Haslemere's 'Sustainable Harvest Picnic': Photo: Transition Haslemere.