Graphic Arts Magazine November 2015 - Page 30

The Uber consumer Nadine Evans We all know that marketers are creative. It’s a part of our DNA. To compete today, marketers cannot just be creative in our brand development and marketing strategies; we have to be creative in business development as well. Consumers are changing. Millennials now make up the largest generation in the workforce. The number of Gen Xers is about equal to the Baby Boomers. Even on their worst day, Gen Xers are a digitally savvy group, and it’s no secret that the Ys grew up texting and tweeting. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? THE WAY CUSTOMERS FIND YOU IS CHANGING. The explosive growth of Uber demonstrates this concept best – as Uber is not so much a transportation or a cab company, but an applications/logistics one. Uber took a constant problem tourists and residents alik B