April 2017 Magazines - Page 64

May 05 5.1-30 – Las Vegas 51s Games Cashman Field, 850 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Come out to the field for some exciting baseball action as Las Vegas’ own 51s take on Albuquerque(5.1), Tacoma (5.2-5), Omaha (5.11-14), Iowa (5.15-18) and El Paso (5.27-30). Visit www.milb.com for tickets and schedule info. 5.5 – First Friday Downtown Las Vegas Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas, Casino Center Blvd. Bring the entire family to enjoy arts, music, food and excellent people watching at this highly popular monthly event in Downtown Las Vegas. Visit www.firstfridaylasvegas.com for more information. 5.6- Laughter for All Presents Comedian Nazareth Henderson Pavilion, 200 So. Green Valley Pkwy. Enjoy a free evening filled with encouragement, music and laughter with comedian Nazareth, as seen on NBC, CBS, FOX and Comedy Central. Individuals facing hardships such as illness, depression, or the loss of a loved one are encouraged to attend. Visit www.cityofhenderson.com for info. 5.6 – St. Jude: An Affair of the Art Red Rock Casino and Resort, 11011 W. Charleston Blvd. A red carpet walk marks the entry for this elegant cocktail soiree and dinner program with silent and live auctions, guest speakers and an awards ceremony. Proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For tickets and info visit www.stjude.org/LVgala. 5.6 – Indian Food & Culture Festival Clark County Amphitheater, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy. This annual, family friendly festival includes authentic Indian food, entertainment, culture, Bollywood dance, fashion show, kid’s activities and much more. Visit www.lasvegasmela.com for more information. 5.6 – O’hana Festival Springs Preserve, 333 S. Valley View Blvd. Celebrate the best of Hawaiian and Pacific Islander culture through great food, live music, performances by local hula schools, an outdoor luau with kids’ games and more. Visit www.springspreserve.org for info. 5.6 & 7 – Boulder City Spring Jamboree Bicentennial, Wilbur Square, North and South Escalante Parks in Boulder City Boulder City’s favorite family friendly outdoor festival returns, kicking off a season of fun with food, games, dog and car shows, rides, art, entertainment and more! Visit www.springjamboree.com for more info. 5.10-14 – 38th Annual San Gennaro Feast Craig Ranch Park, 628 W. Cra I)!ɥMЁɼѡ́Յѥمɕ́مɥ䁽ѡٕ̰ٔѥ)ɱ䁽ѡх͕Ёɥ́ոȁѡݡ丁YͥЁܹͅɼ)йȁɔɵѥ(ԸĴЃL1́Ý!Ʌ)1́ÝYāL1́Ý ِ)Q]]Ё́ѼÝȁѡȁɕЁѥمeЁ́ѡѥՑɽ)ٕ̰ѽѥdѥمոɹمɅՍɔYͥ)ܹ͡Ʌȁձ͍ձɔ(Ը̀ЃL(Ը̃L5ɍȁ ́1́Y)ѥم!ͽ)Mչ͕ЁAɬāMչ͕ЁI)!ͽٕ́A鄀))ѡ̵̀݅ѼЁɽɅ́Ё5ɍ̰ݡ́ɕ͕ɍ)!ͽ ٕѥ ѕȰ)չ͕٥̰ՍѥɔYͥЁܹɍɉ̹ɜȁɕɄ(L]ѕȁMи)ѥɵѥ)MѡɕéЁѥ́(Ը̃L9A!gèѠՅ!e ݱQɹ)ѥ́ͅݥɸЁȁѡٕ́ЁɥMչЁ ݱ ѕȰфȸ)ݥѠѡѡȁѥ̰ѕ䰁ݕ)ɕ́ȁٽɥєMɡɼյѡȁȁՅȁȁݸ)ѽɅ䁅ɔѥ)Ѽɽ٥ͅ٥͕٥́ȁ́ѠUѕݱչѽɹ)ѥ٥ѥ́ՑٔѕхаЁɕЁѽ́ѕ́ɥ̄YͥЁܹ乽ɜȁ)ݽɬѥѥɕéѕȴ(Ը̰ߊL)聥ѡAɬ)ѥٔ́ɥиYͥЁܹ) ɬ չѡѕȰLɅ ɅA)ͽ)ѡͽѡͽչ́聅Ёѡ́IЁ͕ɥ́ѕ9єQմ)ȁ)ѕչȁѡх̰єݥѠɥٕ́ͥє)əɵ́Q YͥЁܹɭչعؽɭ́ȁ(ԸăLɥAɥЁ) ɅIIAɬ\ ɅI)ɔݕѼѡ́ɅѥɥхͽЁɕ͕аݡeٔȁɕ)́ͥ䁄,Iոٔѕх쁄ɝȁ͡쁭́ѥ٥ѥѡUѥє)յ)MܰչɅͥ́ȁхYѕɅɥѥ́ɔYͥЁܹɥɥљй)(Ը䃊LqȁQ1ٔ= хϊtɅ)!ѕ1́Ý ِM) хѡͥ́䁍ɕѥٔѥ́ɽɔѡѡѥéѽά̸ɵ)ѕ́ٔѕхЁɽչЁѡٕЁѡЁ́Q!٥Iչȁ ѕ)ѕ ɕЁ ȸYͥЁܹѡٕх̹ȁ(