Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 89

One example is the celebration of the widening of Highway US 1 from Baxley City limits to the Bacon County line. A reception was held at the newly renovated airport that included a legislative reception for the community’s state legislative delegation to celebrate and share the credit for this important transportation corridor being finished. Another is the “ribbon cutting” held to celebrate the widening of the bridge across the Altamaha between Appling and Tattnall County. From an economic development perspective, this show of unity is very important. “Presenting a united community to the Georgia Department of Economic Development and industrial prospects shows that our community is progressive, that’s very important to companies looking at our community,” emphasized Dale Atkins, Executive Director of the Appling County Development Authority. To help ensure that community leaders understand what the Development Authority is doing and how their help is needed, the authority has ex-officio members of their board representing local municipalities, authorities and organizations to help build cohesion within the community. “We believe the input of these ex-officio Board Members is very important for what we are trying to accomplish at the Development authority, which is building a better future for Appling County,” Atkins explained. Increased positive communication among the community’s leadership is cited as being key to the community’s cohesiveness and to the su 66W72