Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 70

Fortunately for us, this particular summer’s day happened to be quite mild as we headed out into the lake. One of the first sights on our journey was a majestic egret perched at the very top of a towering cypress tree. He held his head high and seemed as if to be posing to be photographed. The mullet that jumped all around us weren’t so willing to pose for my camera, only seeming to sail up from the depths of the water when the camera was no longer pointed in their direction. My wonderful hosts were eager to point out interesting facts along the way. Jerry mentioned an old Indian mound along part of the lake. Janine showed me the holes in the cypress tree and recalled her love of seeing squirrels poking their heads out of them when used as a perfect shelter during a rain shower. Fishing was a subject that arose, but I don’t remember Jerry or Janine ever giving up their secret to the “best” fishing holes. Jerry navigated the narrow strip of water from Half Moon Lake leading into the Altamaha very skillfully but the shallow waters required us to hop out and meet him on the other side of the sandbar. Once Jerry made it over to the deeper waters, we loaded up once again and took off down the river.  We were delighted when a group of wild turkeys came into view that had made th emselves a sanctuary on the sandbar. They paraded around the sandbar as if to say “We have staked our claim.” Alligator Lake was one of my favorite spots. Amazing knotted trees appeared to have carved scenes on their bark. Others were contorted and twisted creating the most fascinating forest that seemed almost mythical. It is as if you are floating back into an enchanted forest from a Disney movie. Unfortunately, a tree had fallen and prevented us from making it all the way in, but sunset was quickly rolling in, and Half Moon Lake was the place to be at sunset. As we returned to Half Moon Lake and ended our day, I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Deep reflections of the cypress trees graced the top of the water. The skies brilliantly changed from orange to purple. We sat in silence, gazing at its beauty. 68 Appling County Living