Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 64

The ACAC exists to enhance the artistic personality of the community in a way that celebrates the uniqueness, diversity, and unity of the local people The Arts Council of Appling County (ACAC) exists to enhance the artistic personality of the community in a way that celebrates the uniqueness, diversity, and unity of the local people. So says the mission statement. The organization is governed by an executive director and a board of directors, whose members serve a term of three years. Directors are selected from a wide range of backgrounds in the community so as to represent all the people in Baxley and Appling County. Current directors include Starlon Byrd, Wendy Chitty, David Cole, Joy Connelly, Keri Crosby, Elizabeth Dunn, Graham Floyd, Mary Ann Ellis, Jim Graham, Beth Hornish, Cody Huddleston, Michael Mayers, Steve Meguiar, Sandra Simpson, and Elaine Williams. David Edgy serves as Executive Director. A private, non-profit organization, the ACAC depends on membership and sponsorship from the community and individuals to complete its missions. Since its establishment in 1999, the ACAC has presented a variety of local musical, dramatic, and literary programs for the entertainment of Baxley, Appling County, and surrounding communities. Musical events have spanned a variety of genres such as gospel, jazz, opera, bluegrass, and country. The dramatic presentations have included children’s plays, such as The Wizard of Oz, Annie, The Sound of Music, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Adult-themed plays like Harvey and Crimes of the Heart have also been performed. Local and regional talent made these plays and musical performances spectacular. Theatrical programs from the Springer Opera House, the State Theater of Georgia, and other production companies have also come to Baxley via the Arts Council. ACAC especially enjoys providing enrichment activities for the schools. For example, when the Gothard Sisters from Seattle came to town in March, 2014, with their Irish music and dance, they conducted during the school day a workshop for the choral students from the middle and high schools. They included the exciting rhythms of Irish step dancing into tightly choreographed, high-energy variety shows. Students and adults alike enjoyed the fiddling, dancing, and singing. ACAC members had long requested a dance group outside the realm of ballet. This group certainly filled the bill. Many Arts in Schools programs, which bring children’s book authors and illustrators, arrived at the behest of the council. The Pavilion, the large nursing home beside the hospital, receives various performances as well. In other words, the council works hard to meet the needs of as many community members as inexpensively as possible.