Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 55

N either you nor I am blind to the literal black hole that has been left on our small town. The charred remains of owners’ businesses, employees’ jobs, and a full one-fourth of Jesup’s downtown is a constant reminder to us all that life is often hard and unfair. However, something that these “remains” to do not contain are our dreams, drive, and determination. Our community has and will continue to thrive even in the middle of adversity! Our greatest asset has never been in our buildings or architecture, but in our people… and they shine brighter than any fire in the dark of night. We have seen and continue to see kindness and generosity in the faces of the many firefighters, medical personnel, law enforcement, volunteers, and fellow business owners who have given beyond what is required or expected…to sacrifice. Thankfully, not a single person was seriously injured that night. We as a community have a decision to make. We can spotlight the bad, ugly or negative, if that’s what we choose to focus on, but Christ calls us to see through eyes of gratefulness. Our lives are literally overrun with goodness! Eric Hoffer once said, “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” W hen you find yourself in a frustrating moment, stop and look around you…what do you see and hear? Beauty is everywhere: it’s the blue in the sky and the green in the trees, it’s your old, dented car that faithfully takes you where you need to go, it is in the face of a dear friend, or the sound of your children’s giggles coming from the next room. Whenever you get anxious or stressed over life’s little (or great) mishaps and unfortunately they will happen…check your persp V7F