Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 49

Obviously, Woody is the kind of person who likes to keep busy and entertained. He has many hobbies that involve his family. One hobby is taking his family to the hog show contest at the State Fair in Perry, GA. His children Tanner and Anna Kate enter their hogs they raise every year and have won many awards. The Folsoms also enter their hogs in Baxley’s local Market Hog Show. Tanner won Grand Champion in 2012 and Anna Kate’s pig was 2nd in class behind Tanner’s pig. Hunting deer, duck, quail, and pheasants is a major pastime Woody enjoys. He involves his son, Tanner, in these sports because this gives them some father-and-son time. His other hunting buddies are his prized hunting dogs, Chopper and Rhett. Truck pulling is another pastime Woody enjoys. His wife Tamela says, “His favorite toys are his pull trucks. He is a power and adrenaline junkie”. Woody also enjoys trading vintage cars and trucks. He currently has one orange and white 1972 Chevrolet pickup which has received several awards at various car shows. “ Folsom takes pride in his family and includes them in hobbies and free time away from the dealerships. He travels with his wife, Tamela, “I’ve traded with Woody over the last 1012 years and as a customer I could tell that he was very compassionate about his job. Little did I know, just HOW compassionate he really is. He has the biggest heart and is always willing to help others. This is one reason why I enjoy being a part of the Woody Folsom family. His love for others and dedication to not only work, but family, friends, and the community are inspiring attributes that not only make him a great boss; but a true friend!!” “ Dustin Rozier The Folsoms enjoy attending University of Georgia Football games. to the Kentucky Derby almost every year. They have a house on Lake Oconee, where the family and friends enjoy boating, tubing, and jet skiing, and spending time together all year around. The Folsom family attends University of Georgia football games and often invites friends and other family members to join them in the family fun. This year marks Woody Folsom’s 19th year of selling Chevrolets.  “Ever since I started my own dealership in 1996, I never imagined that this would grow to the size it has become today,” said Folsom. He outlined what the new dealerships mean to his family and how important the connection between Woody Folsom Auto Group and Appling County residents is to the company. “Supporting our community through giving has always been a cornerstone of our business. We all strive to make Appling County a better place and encourage more people to do the same.” This past holiday season, the company held a food drive to benefit the Appling County Food Bank. They’ve also recently partnered with the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to raise funds to purchase a local 10-year old boy the power wheelchair that he needs. The company is also planning a skeet shoot tournament this spring to raise money for Relay for Life. Showcasing Your Community’s Personality 47