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called Interferon and Wendell was the thirteenth patient to receive it. He had to remain in the hospital in Houston the first time for two weeks. After that, he had to return every 28 days and only remain there for three days, until he had gone thirteen times. Wendell’s blood count came back up and they discontinued the medication. Soon all of the problems came right back. Wendell continued treatments for three years, and during that time had to finally quit his job. For the first year Elizabeth had continued to work at Miller Western Wear, but after a year they decided to start their business, the Country Sewing Basket. Through this whole ordeal, Wendell and Elizabeth stayed in church and continued to give God all the credit for the healing He was going to do in Wendell. When Wendell and Elizabeth traveled to the airport in Jacksonville, Florida it was on Sundays, and they always attended a church there before flying back to the hospital in Houston. One particular Sunday, the pastor at the Jacksonville church said he felt like God was telling him to change his message to preach on Hezekiah that day. The lesson was on the passage where Hezekiah prayed to God and God extended his life by 15 years. They traveled on to Houston and while there attended a church that they always attended when they were there. The pastor in Houston preached the same message on Hezekiah. When treatments were done for this visit they returned to Baxley and their pastor preached on Hezekiah. Elizabeth recalls God telling her, “You are my children and I am your God and if you will praise me for the healing, I will heal him.” Wendell and Elizabeth immediately changed their praises to thanking God for the healing that He had already done. The Crosby’s heard about a new drug called CDA that they wanted Wendell to try. The hospital did not offer much encouragement at all for this being the answer for Wendell. The couple traveled to Houston again and tried it. The drug put Wendell’s leukemia completely into remission. Wendell returned annually for fifteen years for checkups and always received a positive report with his hemoglobin number being around 16. Wendell was diagnosed at the age of 42, and thirty one years later, doctors say he is in perfect health at the age of 73. Elizabeth recalled one day that she and Wendell were at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup visiting a sick friend. From somewhere behind them she heard Dr. Harris loudly exclaim, “There’s my walking miracle!” The Crosby’s received a negative outlook on his outcome from all medical personnel from the beginning, but they stood firm on their faith in God and His promise of Showcasing Your Community’s Personality 29