Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 30

one of the attending physicians at the time. Elizabeth asked him what was wrong and he named many things. He told her he would be running several tests that week. The doctors let Wendell leave the hospital and go home for one night and then on to Savannah for more testing, the results of which were sent to Augusta. On July 9, 1983, doctors gave him the initial diagnosis of Leukemia. Wendell had already returned back t o work. Wendell had to go into the hospital in Jesup and have his spleen removed. He had to be given eight pints of platelets before his spleen could even be removed. This surgery, the Crosby’s were told, was to give Wendell three to five years to live. Wendell had to go in to receive two pints of blood every three weeks. The Crosby’s knew there had to be a better answer than this. Many around Wendell had the flu, but he and Elizabeth say that God protected him from it because he would not have made it through the flu if he had caught it. On one of the visits, Dr. Harris told the Crosby’s about an 28 Appling County Living article he had found in the Times Journal Magazine about an experimental treatment program at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas, for cases like Wendell’s. Wendell told Dr. Harris that they couldn’t afford to go. Dr. Harris said, “Wendell, you can’t afford not to.” Dr. Harris even offered to fly the Crosby’s there in his plane if needed. Two weeks later Wendell agreed to go. Their pastor, Rev. Robert Daugherty came by to visit before their trip. He told the Crosby’s that he had arranged for his daughter that lived in Houston, to pick them up from the airport and take them to the hospital. The Crosby’s were very active members in their church. Before Wendell became sick he drove the church bus for 17 years. At M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Wendell was one of one hundred people in this experimental program. His blood was deemed ninety percent cancerous, his marrow was ninety percent cancerous, and his white blood count was down to two. The experimental drug that was used there was