Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 23

Every weekend, all across Georgia, people everywhere are discarding their personal belongings and selling their old clothes, jewelry, home furnishings, children’s toys, dishes, etc. Most people are selling their items to make extra money. A majority of these people can tell you they have either shopped, been a vendor, or have heard about Peaches to the Beaches. In 2001, Evelyn Smith, former President of GIPA (Golden Isles Parkway Association) and board member of the Board of Tourism in Hazlehurst, Georgia, visited the World’s Longest Yard Sale route on U.S. 27 from Biloxi, Mississippi to Illinois. Evelyn and her husband left on a Monday in mid-August and traveled 427 miles along the World’s Longest Yard Sale. She was so impressed on how the communities came together promoting this yard sale that she wanted to implement it in southeast Georgia. She and her husband took two trips to find out how this yard sale was organized. Evelyn said, “People would send her to Chambers of Commerce and Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus along the route guiding her to different community’s yard sales, and she gathered as much information as she could”. Story by Paula Tanner Showcasing Your Community’s Personality 21