Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 19

With business booming you might think that Keith and Jada are kicked back idly riding the wave of success, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Jada launched two new products in the summer of 2014, “Let’s Chalk it Up” and “Boards and Buckets.” The first was a magnetized chalk boards and the others were be ten inch characters that are magnetized and painted that can easily be attached to a metal object then changed out for different occasions (ex. bunny for Easter, cupcake for birthdays, crab for summertime, etc). Jada’s work is officially licensed by the National Panhellenic Association to cut Greek letters for fraternities and sororities. These new products were launched to university bookstores and Greek stores this year. Jada is humble when asked about the successes of Metal Boutique; she is very quick to sing others’ praises. She and Keith are both grateful for the overwhelming sensation that their monograms have become. However, it is evident that their greatest pride and joy is their 10 year old son, Will. She states, “He is our world!” Will is blessed t