Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 17

square foot warehouse that he continues to run full time in the construction business, also has six employees who manufacture exclusively for Metal Boutique. They operate the two cutting machines, a powder coating machine, and do all final cleaning of each individual monogram before sending it to the office. Jada then has four women who help her there. “I couldn’t do it without these ladies. They are incredible! Dana Graham helps do everything including programming and designing. Holly Pollock keeps the office organized and running, while also doing shipping and Molly Pollock is in charge of all social media including: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I don’t want anybody to read this and think, ‘it’s all about me.’” Jada is quick to share the glory with everyone who has or is helping along the way. She credits her sisters, Janda and Jeana, as her “design team” and says every time she comes up with a new idea they meet together and let her know if it is a go ahead or a let it go idea. Her brother Ty, worked as a sales representative and helped with shipping in the beginning. Keith’s father, Merrell Miles, who passed away in October 2013, was also very supportive of their endeavor. Jada fondly recalls, “He wanted us to have everything we needed to be successful, which included new equipment and upgrades on existing machines. I know he never dreamed that his machine shop would ever be producing things like: monograms, letters and pink bunnies!” As far as businesses go, Metal Boutique is relatively new, but that has not stopped it from being noticed by those in the gift industry. They were a finalist for an iCon Honors Award through Americasmart this past July, in the area of Innovation of Technology and Package Design. Jada says, “We were so honored to be a finalist for this award. They call it the ‘Oscars of the gift industry.’ We were beaten by Hallmark, so that tells you what kind of company we were in.” They have also been featured in two of the industry’s leading magazines, “Gift Beat” and “Market Magazine” as one of the best new products to watch. Showcasing Your Community’s Personality 15