Appling Co. Living 2015 - Page 16

When Jada realized that she could have a very successful product on her hands, she called a dear friend, Linda Hampton, who had just recently closed her retail business in Waycross, to give her some help. The two of them began making phone calls to other retailers that they knew, taking orders, and setting u p a system for billing and shipping. These ladies were not afraid of a little hard work; they even loaded up the car with merchandise and went out on the road showing the product and setting up accounts. Linda eventually moved to Baxley so she could continue working with Jada and today helps with the ordering, billing, and shipping. The monograms started selling immediately and exponentially, so Keith was able to start up that old, unused machine! The new business was doing great, but it was time consuming and a lot to do while trying to simultaneously run a retail store. Jada began to consider closing or selling the retail business that she began in her home in 1993. She says, “I went to talk to my parents, Holt and NovaDeen Sellers about everything that was happening. My dad, who I think is one of the best business men I have ever known, told me that if I thought it was worth the risk, then I should go for it. He said that I have an opportunity and if it doesn’t work out then I can learn from it and move on to the next opportunity. The following morning I went to my store at 7 a.m., closed the door to my office, and prayed. I called two people who I thought might be interested in buying it and within three weeks we had sold the store.” This may have taken some of the burden off, but it still left a problem logistically. Where could they set up to package and ship the monograms? Remember that quote about necessity and invention? Well, for the next four months Keith’s and Jada’s home garage became Metal Boutique’s shipping warehouse. When an office became available in January 2013 that was near Keith’s fab shop, Jada leased it to run the shipping and bookkeeping side of the business. All personalized design work is done there and then sent to the warehouse for fabrication. With the product now being carried by over 650 different retailers, Keith who has a 66,000 14 Appling County Living Above: The very first monogram that was cut. Below: There are six employees who manufacture exclusively for Metal Boutique.