How to insert an image in the Mail Template Editor

Note: It is assumed that you have already created a Mail template. For more info click here.

You can insert images in your template in the following manner:

To insert images in Content Blocks:

Step1. Click the Edit button of the Content Block.

Step2. The Settings Panel will open automatically. Click the Browse button, select the image you wish and double click it.

Note: The library of the Mail Template Editor is not the same as the My Library of the Magazine Editor. The files you have uploaded in My Library will not be available in the library of the Mail Template Editor, so first of all you need to upload the image you wish and then place it in the Content Block of your Mail Template.

Step3. Click the Save button when you're done!


To Drag and Drop the Image tool:

Step4. Drag and Drop the Image tool wherever you wish.

Step5. Browse your image and save your work.

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