How to format texts

Check out the following methods of formatting text:

  • If you wish to format characters you can use the Type tool to select characters, or you can click to place the insertion point then select a formatting option and begin typing.
  • If you wish to format paragraphs, you don’t need to select an entire paragraph; you can just select any word or character, or place the insertion point in a paragraph. You can also select text in a range of paragraphs.
  • If you wish to set the formatting for all future text frames that you will create in the current document, make sure that the insertion point is not active and that nothing is selected, and then specify text formatting options. If you wish to set default text formatting for all new documents, close them all and then specify the text settings.
  • You can also select a frame to apply formatting to all text inside it. The frame can’t be part of a thread.
  • Use paragraph styles and character styles to format text quickly and consistently.
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