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How to create coupons for any issue of the magazine

Note: For being able to generate coupons you must have a paid subscription activated. For more info about setting a subscription click here.

You can create coupons to buy any issue of your magazine in the following way:

Note: It is assumed that you are in My Magazines.

Step1. Select the magazine you wish and click the Subscription Settings button.

Step2. Click the Manage Coupons link.

Step3. A new tab will open where you may be able to create your coupons. Click the CREATE NEW COUPONS button.

Step4. From the Applies to: dropdown menu select the Any Issue option and after that select a magazine.

Step5. Enter the number of coupons you wish to create and the discount percentage of the coupon. If you wish to create a free coupon check the Free box.

Note: With the coupon applied the magazine subscription cannot cost less than $0.99 USD. Keep in mind that you may also create a free coupon.

Step6. Select the usage number and the expiration date of your coupons. Once you're done click the GENERATE button.

Step7. Your coupons will generate and you may be able to download them in TXT format.

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