Customizing your embedded issue

Joomag provides different ways for embedding publications on your website. If you want to embed the issue in a specific section of your website, you should insert the code generated by the Embedding wizard to the place you want. Otherwise you may either download an HTML file of the issue and upload it to your server, or simply put a link to your publication on your website.

Note: It is assumed that you are in My Magazines.

Step1. Select the magazine you wish and click the Embed button of your issue.

Step2. Customize the look of the embedded publication.

Step3. You can choose the size of your page by selecting one of our predefined sizes, you can also enter the size you wish or select the Fit to area option which will fit the magazine in your window automatically.

You can also enter a starting page number for your magazine.

You can select a background color for your page or just choose the Transparent option. In case you don’t want to choose a background color, you can also select a background image for your page. Once you're done click the GENERATE CODE button.

Step4. Copy the provided code in the popup window and paste it in your website.

If you wish to embed the magazine on your WordPress site then click the WordPress tab and use the corresponding code. Keep in mind that your need to install the WordPress plugin.

If you wish to embed the magazine on your site which was created with Joomla, click the Joomla tab and use the corresponding code. Keep in mind that you need to install the Joomag extension for Joomla.

Step5. If you wish to download an HTML file with the embedded magazine click the Download button which is at the bottom and upload the downloaded HTML file to your server. Otherwise just copy the embedded code and paste it in your website. 

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