Selling publications on Joomag

Joomag Document protection system

When you sell a publication on Joomag it is protected from being passed around and viewed by people who haven't paid. When a buyer purchases your document the Joomag system registers his/her details and sets access permissions which are unique to that buyer.


We display all items for sale in one currency (U.S. Dollars) so there is consistency on the site. The buyer, though, can pay in any currency he/she selects from the options in Paypal and the exact price the buyer actually pays will be calculated at the exchange rate PayPal uses at that time. Your account will always show in U.S. Dollars and you will not be affected by fluctuating rates. If you mark an item for sale at USD 4.99 the sales value will be USD 4.99.

Payment of your Earnings

Sales made from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month will be paid into your PayPal account on the last day of each month (or the next business day if the last day is a holiday or weekend) if your account is credited by more than USD 99.99. If the account balance is less than USD 99.99 that sum will be carried over into the following month.

Buyer protection

To give confidence to the buyer we allow 10 days for a complaint to be made. If a complaint is judged to have substance then we will "quarantine" any money due to you on this item until the matter is resolved. The only complaints we will consider are potential fraudulent transactions or copyright infringement. All other matters must be resolved between you and the buyer and we will not entertain matters where the buyer is just disappointed with their purchase.

Joomag Charges and Administration

Joomag will handle all the administration and charge you a transaction fee of 30% of the selling price. Included in this is all the PayPal and exchange rate conversion charges, which we settle to keep things as simple as possible for you. The Joomag transaction fee also includes sales tax (VAT) on the Joomag charges.

When we send money to your account, PayPal will deduct their own handling charges from the transfer.

As the transaction is between you and the buyer, you are responsible for paying any taxes your government regulations require.

Your Financial Reports

In the control panel, click the "Sales Statistics" menu and you can view your financial summary, which will list your sales and/or commissions paid.

Setting the price

You are solely responsible for setting the price of the item. The only limitation applied is the minimum price of USD 0.99 (ninety-nine U.S. cents). All prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Setting pages for preview

In order for the potential buyer to get a taste for your publication before buying, you can set the number of pages that can be viewed as a preview, before the Joomag protection system prevents the reader from seeing further pages until they buy it. We recommend you set this between 3-rd and 7-th pages depending on the size of the publication and the content.

Changing the price

If you think, the price you have set is too high or too low you can change it at any time. You can edit the selling settings, including the price, by clicking on "Selling Options" in the items row in Magazine Management.