Zapier integration

Now you can connect your Joomag account to your favorite apps and automate tasks by using Zapier — the premier web automation app.

For connecting Google Drive to your Joomag account follow the steps below:

Step1. Go to the Zapier Integration page.

Step2. Scroll down and find Google Drive in the Featured Apps section. Click the Use this Zap link.

Step3. Log in to your Zapier account or sign up if you haven’t created an account yet.

Step4. Go to the Explore tab. Search and select Google Drive then Joomag.

Step5. From the provided options find the Create new issues from new PDFs uploaded to Google Drive and click the Use this Zap link.

Note: With this integration, once your PDF is uploaded to a specific folder in Google Drive, it will be automatically added to your Joomag account as a new issue.

Step6. Click the Create this Zap button.

Step7. Here you need to pick the specific trigger and click the Continue button.

Note: For Google Drive + Joomag Zap the only available trigger is The New file in Folder which triggers when a new file is added directly to a specific folder (but not its subfolders).


Step8. Click the Connect a New Account button to add your Google Drive account. Sign in to your Google account.

Step9. When done, click the Save + Continue button. 

Step10. Choose a specific folder for new files from the dropdown menu and click the Continue button.

Step11. Click the Fetch & Continue button.

Note: Make sure you have at least one recent file in the selected folder and it matches the trigger option you picked below.

Step12. If you see the Test Successful message click the Continue button. 

Step13. Now you can set up rules to specify when this Zap can continue running and click the Continue button.

Step14. Select filters from the dropdown menus and click the Continue button. Filters let you set a condition (e.g. when the 'title' field contains 'issue') so you can get to the granularity you need.

Step15. You can Test Filter or Skip Test & Continue.

Step16. Here you need to choose Create Issue from PDF action and click the Continue button.

Step17. It’s time to connect your Joomag account. Click the Connect a New Account button and sign in to your Joomag account.

Step18. After you're done, click the Save + Continue button. 

Step19. Select the magazine to which the new Joomag issue should be added then select the PDF file to be converted to the Joomag issue. You can also give the volume name to your issue from the advanced options section and click the Continue button.

Step20. Review the information about what you'll be creating and click the Create & Continue button.

Step21. You can click the view your issue link to make sure everything looks OK then click the Finish button. 

Done! Your issue is now live. Zapier will use this as a sample for setting up the rest of your Zap.

Note: While on, this Zap will automatically check for your Google Drive New File in Folder every 5 minutes.




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