How to create a mail template for campaign

Before you can start a mail campaign, you should have some templates in stock. For doing that: 

Note: It is assumed that you are in My Magazines.

Step1. Click the Awesome CRM button of the left sidebar.

Step2. Go to the Mail Templates tab and click the Create button to pick a template.

Step3. There are 5 templates for you to choose as the foundation for your design. You can choose a template with one, two or three columns or a template which has got a left or right sidebar. After choosing the one you wish you may start editing it.

Step4. Give a name to your template then add and edit the information you wish.

Note: You can also select one of your magazines to mail it.

Step5. Once you're done editing click the SAVE button.

Now your template will appear in the list of templates.

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