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Awesome CRM

Managing Leads and Subscribers

Instantly manage all your contacts from a single interface. Learn more about the people who subscribe to your magazine and add new subscribers if necessary.


Group contacts into lists for delivering the right content they care about. Group them by the magazine they are subscribed to, by location or by the subscription date.

Want to create a list for your growing reader base? Create an auto-updating list based on specific criteria. Give us the conditions, save the list, and we'll update it anytime you're ready to send.

Importing Contacts

Already have subscribers or leads you wish to import? Simply upload the list in a CSV or Excel format and we’ll automatically extract the necessary information from it.

Complimentary subscription delivery

Whether you wish to send complimentary subscriptions to your advertisers and staff or you simply wish to provide free access to your existing print or digital subscribers, this feature will help you out with that.

Mass mailing

No more hassle with delivery software or mass mailing services. You may inform your leads and subscribers about your recent publications and promotions right from Joomag. We have an advanced delivery infrastructure making sure that the spam filters will not eat your emails.

Predesigned mail templates

Our predesigned templates are just waiting for your content. Pick one, add your magazine, your message and make it your own using our email editor. You can even code your own template using our special code editor.

Campaign analytics

Learn how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email campaigns and see what percentage clicked the links. These reports give you lots of valuable information to help you improve your future campaigns.

Customized subscription forms

Want to find new leads? Or maybe need more information about your subscribers? Create custom subscription forms that fit your needs. Ask for the phone number, occupation and address, and decide which fields should be mandatory. You may even start building your reader base before launching your magazine by placing the form on your website.

If you are ready to begin spreading your digital publications around the world

For more detailed information about features Joomag provides visit this page. Also check out our pricing starting from absolutely free plan. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via contact form.