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Easily upload your PDF publication to Joomag and in a matter of minutes get your digital magazine up and running. Yes it’s that easy! Use the upload button to try it yourself now.

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Magazine templates

Don’t have a PDF? Not a problem! Use one of our fully customizable predesigned templates to start your own magazine.

Add a video

It's as easy as drag'n drop. Upload your video file to Joomag and place it anywhere in your publication. Want to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo? Simply copy-paste the link.

Bring all the action and excitement of the digital world to your publication. Enrich your digital magazines with videos by simply uploading to Joomag or using your favorite video service provider.

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Create a mood — add music

Music has always been used in movies or television to signal danger, romance or action. The digital revolution has brought music into countless aspects of our daily lives and digital magazines are no exception.

Tons of other plugins available for making your magazine awesome

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Reach and engage your audience in real-time. Your visitors will be able to start conversations with you and among themselves directly from your magazine. This plugin is great for learning what readers think about the product advertised in the magazine, a special article, or the magazine itself as a whole.

Start collecting even more information from readers about specific product, overall magazine experience or whatever you like using the rating plugin. Use this valuable feedback for improving your future issues and providing analytics to your advertisers.

Let your readers subscribe to your magazine without leaving their favorite content. Place the subscribe box throughout your publication and see how the new readers lineup.


There are still many other plugins that will make your magazine stand out from others. Let your readers request a call back from you or your advertisers using the call-back plugin, or allow them to leave detailed feedback using the customizable feedback plugin.

Professional Crater Online Editor

Experience the full power of digital publishing with Joomag's online editor, the first and only one of its kind. Easily enrich your publications with interactive elements such as video, audio, rating, chat, subscription and feedback forms. You may even create your own publications from scratch, without using any other third party software.

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