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Real-time Insights Analytics

Learn your audience


Identify the geographic areas of your readers, so you can decide where to focus more of your advertising and marketing efforts. We provide you the most detailed city level information we have about the location of your readers.


Understand the share of your audience who prefers mobility. Learn which platforms are used most.

Analyze traffic sources

Learn the traffic coming from search engines; discover which one drives more readers.

Learn which domains (and pages in those domains) are referring traffic to your site and how much traffic they're referring.

Learn the share of the traffic that comes to your publication directly.

Identify which marketing programs are the most helpful and drive your traffic. Is that a search, social, affiliate or email campaign? Take an in-depth overview about that and invest your time smarter.

Analytics of the content


See how many clicks the links embedded in your publications get. Know which URLs are getting the most clicks.

Daily Views

Learn the number of impressions your publication gets daily, and which of those are unique.

Average View Duration

Know how long your readers linger within your magazine. The more interactive your magazine is, the higher numbers you’re going to see.


Keep track of how many times your readers download the offline PDF version of your publication.


Learn which pages of your magazine are read most and how many pages in average the user reads. This is something you can’t see with Google Analytics.

Geo Locations

Wondering where your readers are from? Find out how popular your magazine is in the particular parts of the world. We provide you the most detailed city level information we have about the location of your readers.


Make your search engine marketing smarter. Identify which keywords perform better and which still need to be optimized to affect your conversion rates.